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Charges Dropped Against Thug Cops Who Murdered Korryn Gaines


Charges Dropped Against Thug Cops Who Murdered Korryn Gaines
Korryn-Gaines was murdered.

AFRICANGLOBE – More police shootings, more dropped charges.

The state will not prosecute the Baltimore officers involved in the shoot-out that killed Korryn Gaines and injured her 5-year old son.

The stand-off took place on August 1st. Officers were serving an arrest warrant for 23-year old Gaines and her boyfriend, Kareem Courtney, for a March disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

When they arrived at the couples apartment, Kareem immediately walked out with their one-year old son. Gaines stayed behind with 5-year old Kodi.

That’s where the stories begin to differ. A neighbor’s statement is the reason that there’s any wrongful death lawsuit at all: “Korryn Gaines said to the police, ‘if you put your guns down and back up from my apartment, I will come out’. However, none of the police backed up from the apartment door.”

The neighbor also claims a male cop outside the door said, “I’m sick of this sh*t,” just before opening fire.

It’s not immediately clear whether those claims influenced the courts decision, but the indisputable facts are that Gaines stood off law enforcement for 7 hours with a shotgun.

During the standoff, she was posting videos to Instagram and Facebook, one of which showed her son say, “They’re trying to kill us.” Commenters on her Facebook page were encouraging her to not listen to police, so the department successfully contacted Facebook and had them take down the page.

Eventually, police entered, shot, and killed Gaines. The child was hit by a bullet as well.

After investigating, the County State’s Attorney announced they will not bring charges against the officers involved, but offered no other details until he speaks privately with the family of the deceased and their lawyer, J. Wyndal Gordon.

Gordon, however, is not being silent. “Basically, ‘We investigated ourselves, and we found that we didn’t do anything wrong,’ That’s what I expect them to say.”


By: Malcolm Freberg

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