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Child Prodigy Becomes Youngest Member Of Mensa At Age TWO


‘He knows the planets of the solar system, dozens of pairs of words with opposite meanings – he has a great sense of humour and most importantly he is self-motivated, athletic, very happy and playful.’

Adam, who is reading the Oxford Reading Tree series designed for seven-year-olds, is already in the top 1.3 per cent of the population.

And his parents expect him to score even higher once his communication skills develop fully.

John Stevenage, British Mensa’s CEO, said: ‘The members of Mensa always welcome new additions as we aim to stimulate people in an intellectual and social environment.

‘We are looking to help gifted children and encourage them to develop at an extraordinary rate.

‘We look forward to Adam joining Mensa and expect him to have a very bright future.’

Adam’s younger brother Ethan is not yet two months old, but his parents are expecting great things.

Mr Kirby said: ‘I expect that he will develop at a faster pace than Adam as my wife and I are now more experienced, and he has his older brother Adam to learn from.

‘In addition, I’ve read that second children tend to be in a hurry to catch up with their older siblings, so I think this will keep him on an upwards curve.’




– Adam has a reading age of at least a five-year-old and reads books aimed at seven-year-olds

– He is able to spell over 100 words and also knows many phonics

– Knows some of his times tables (2,3,4,5,10)

– Recognises 2D shapes from a circle to 12-sided dodecagon

– Knows numerous 3D shapes

– Can count to more than 1000 in English, up to 20 in Spanish & Japanese and up to 10 in French

– Can add and subtract simple numbers

Child Prodigy Adam Kirby
Adam can type words and numbers into a computer already, and has been able to for a while

– Knows the difference between primary, secondary and neutral colours and can name them

– Recognises words when spelt them to him e.g. if his parents spell ‘ninety seven’ he responds 97

– Can write some letters and numbers by hand and type words and numbers on a keyboard

– He can recite his favourite nursery rhymes

– Adam can read simple fractions

– Knows months of the year and days of the week, and the planets of the solar system

– Knows dozens of pairs of words with opposite meanings

– Knows some elements in the periodic table


By: Harriet Arkell 


Child Prodigy Adam Kirby

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