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Did CIA Kill Malcolm X’s Grandson Malcolm Shabazz?


Did CIA Kill Malcolm X's Grandson Malcolm Shabazz?
Malcolm Shabazz complained that he was constantly being followed by the FBI

AFRICANGLOBE – I never met Malcolm Shabazz, the outspoken activist whose grandfather, Malcolm X, was the most influential African-American of the 20th century. Now I will never meet him. According to reports, Malcolm Shabazz was recently murdered in Mexico.

I had been hoping to get to know Malcolm Shabazz at last February’s Hollywoodism Conference in Tehran. But the US National Security State had other ideas. While trying to catch his flight to Tehran, Malcolm was arrested by the FBI. No explanation for the arrest was ever provided.

Why did US authorities prevent Malcolm Shabazz from traveling to Iran?

The arrest was almost certainly politically-motivated. Malcolm Shabazz’s presence at the Hollywoodism Conference would have brought the event invaluable publicity – especially in the African-American community and among Muslims, anti-Zionists, and anti-imperialists worldwide. And that publicity would have fueled Malcolm’s impending rise to superstar-dissident status.

Make no mistake: Malcolm Shabazz, like his grandfather, posed a serious, “actionable” long-term threat to the powers-that-be.

Malcolm had converted to Shi’a Islam and become a spokesman for the “axis of resistance” – not just anti-Zionist forces in the Middle East, but anti-empire forces around the world. Like his grandfather, he had had some brushes with the law when he was young. And like his grandfather, he was on the road to putting his past behind him and becoming a charismatic spokesman for the world’s dispossessed.

I do not know whether the usual suspects – the “The Jakals” who assassinate the enemies of empire on behalf of the CIA, the World Bank, and related entities, according to author John Perkins – killed Malcolm Shabazz. But I am 100% certain that they were thinking about it.

How can I be so sure?

I have been studying these assassinations for many years. My conclusion is that the empire’s assassins profile their potential enemies, and decide which ones present an “actionable threat.”

Charismatic leaders with access to the media are among the most actionable threats. President John F. Kennedy was murdered because he was so charismatic and media-savvy that he was capable of pushing through policies that the guardians of empire deemed unacceptable: Nuclear disarmament, rapprochement with Cuba, détente with Russia, withdrawal from Vietnam, a new deal for the Third World. This story has been beautifully told by James Douglass, one of America’s leading peace activists, in his book JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died & Why It Matters.

JFK’s brother Robert Kennedy also presented an actionable threat to the powers-that-be. RFK would have been elected president in 1968 had he not been gunned down by CIA assassins. Robert wanted to be president, so he could prosecute his brother’s murderers and continue his brother’s policies. But the “Jakals” – and their bankster masters – had other ideas.

Martin Luther King was also an “actionable threat.” Martin Luther King had turned against the Vietnam War and the whole military-industrial complex, even as the FBI was trying to drive him crazy and make him commit suicide. Far from committing suicide, Martin Luther King was planning to lead a half-million people to occupy Washington DC and stay there until the war and poverty were both ended. So – as a jury verdict legally established in 1999 – the US Army, FBI, and CIA worked together to murder Dr. King. The full story is in William Pepper’s book An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King.

Other “actionable threats” in recent history include JFK Jr., who was murdered in 1999 for pursuing the killers of his father and uncle; Senator Paul Wellstone, murdered in 2003 for planning to investigate 9/11 and prevent the US from invading Iraq; and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, killed with a cancer weapon for the crime of having enough charisma to almost single-handedly lead Latin America out from under the US empire.

Malcolm Shabazz’s grandfather, Malcolm X, was also an “actionable threat” when the CIA orchestrated his assassination in 1965. Malcolm X was forging an anti-empire alliance consisting of non-Western victims of imperialism, along with poor and middle-class African-Americans…the same alliance Dr. King was assembling when he was killed three years later.

And now, Malcolm Shabazz – who was forging an updated version of the same anti-empire alliance – is murdered in Mexico. Coincidence? Maybe.

Why Was Malcolm Shabazz Murdered

But look at it from the point of view of his likely murderers. From their perspective, Malcolm Shabazz seemed to be following in his grandfather’s footsteps. If they waited much longer to kill him, and let him establish his growing reputation as a respected activist, it would be a lot harder to stage an assassination and then spread the media propaganda line, based on the ancient history of his alleged teenage misdeeds, that he was “just a thug.”

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