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College Student That Sent Out “Insensitive” Tweet Arrested


College Student That Sent Out "Insensitive" Tweet Arrested
Monica Foy

AFRICANGLOBE – Monica Foy, a Sam Houston State University student, has come under fire for a tweet she sent out in the wake of the shooting death of Harris County deputy Darren Goforth.

Foy’s tweet questioned why so many people cared about Goforth’s death and suggested that he might have deserved to be shot. She also wrote that Goforth had “creepy perv eyes.”

Once social media got wind of the tweet it went viral and Foy soon deleted the tweet. The most recent tweet on her feed came Tuesday morning and simply said “#blacklivesmatter.” Her entire account has now since been deleted.

Late Tuesday night her Twitter mentions were full of angry messages regarding her tweet. College Student That Sent Out "Insensitive" Tweet Arrested

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Brady Fitzgerald confirmed on Wednesday that they received a call stating that Foy had an outstanding warrant for assault causing bodily harm out of Harris County.

She was arrested at her home in the county after deputies checked the system.

After Foy was taken into custody she bonded out a short time later, Fitzgerald added. The charge is likely a misdemeanor A.

Foy’s reportedly was a student at Sam Houston State University.

SHSU issued a short statement on Tuesday in response to the incident on the school’s Facebook page:

“SHSU appreciates the enormous public response in support of law enforcement. The university is a leader in educating many people who work in criminal justice and those who protect the civil liberties this country was founded upon, including free speech, whether we agree with that speech or not.”


By: Craig Hlavaty

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