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Commitment - The Gantt Report
Be committed to anything you do in life.

AFRICANGLOBE – In life, in love and in business, stop fooling around, stop messing around, stop pretending and become committed!

Too many people, and far too many so-called Black community leaders and activists, are clowning the masses of African Americans by merely acting like they care about the struggles going on in Black communities, in Black institutions, in Black churches, in Black neighborhoods, in Black households and in our Black families!

Just because you got the appointment, just because you have the title or just because you were told you were a leader, an activist, a progressive or a revolutionary by the imperialist press it doesn’t really qualify you to lead Black people.

Some so-called leaders are even self-proclaimed but that doesn’t work either!

I know people that have smoked a blunt, took a swig of Hennessey and went to see a Malcolm X movie and instantly became a freedom fighter! They read two or three pages of “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” and instantly became a dietitian that won’t even look at a piece of bacon but will eat as many donuts and sugar cookies that their stomachs will allow them to!

Those same people will listen to a few bars of the Public Enemy song “Fight the Power” and tell you how militant they are!

A true leader, activist, freedom fighter or revolutionary is committed!

They live the life they talk about, read about, preach about or write about!

They feed people, they help people, they educate people, they care about the people in their communities and they love the people in their communities.

Anybody can be in a relationship with a man or a woman but the only lasting relationship is a committed relationship!

If you love your car more than you love that woman you are relating to, you are not committed to that woman. If you love your wig, your makeup and your shoes more than you love that man, you are not committed to that man!

If that man or woman is not comforting and nurturing to you, not special to you, not important to you and not necessary to you, you are just wasting his or her time because you are not committed.

When you commit to someone you love, you are loving to them, loyal to them, faithful to them, you put them first, you defend them, you protect them and you provide for them!

In business, if you are not committed to your business you will soon be out of business!

If your business is basically an activity you like or enjoy and is not generating revenue or making money, you don’t have a good business, you have a hobby!

If you are true to the business game you will never give up. When the money is slow, you don’t give up. When the employees steal, lie, cheat or act crazy, you get rid of them but you never give up.

If you love your business and the work that you do you will make a business commitment and stick to it!

I don’t have to be a journalist, a reporter or an editorial writer. I can do other things but I made a commitment to my media career and my commitment made me somewhat successful. It didn’t make me rich but it did make me kinda well known.

Find something or someone that you love and commit yourself to it or to them.

If it’s a romantic commitment, commit to the spouse or the girl friend or boy friend. Don’t commit to the “side-piece”!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net

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