The Congressional Black Caucus Gets Put In Their Place (Again)

It’s no secret that I am no fan of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) because they are traitors to the black community. Nonetheless, I did start to feel optimistic thinking their souls are not completely owned by white liberals.

I got this idea when I heard Maxine Waters ask for permission to critique President Obama. Its absurd to think that a member of Congress should ask for permission to critique a president especially since she went after President Bush with reckless abandon.

All things considered, this was a step in the right direction. With black unemployment at nearly 16% nationwide and 50% in many cities, I asked myself is this the moment that the Congressional Black Caucus finally put the needs of the American people ahead of the liberal agenda?

Much to my dismay, I soon realized that the Congressional Black Caucus (with the exception of Alan West) are property of the liberal agenda. Recently, the CBC launched their bus tour to bring focus on the lack of jobs in the black community which I think is admirable. The problem came when they tried to place some of the blame where it belongs, the Obama administration. At this point the Democrats must have had some type of private Willie Lynch moment. The mighty Congressional Black Caucus, the political overseers of the black community, must have been taken to the woodshed by minority leader Nancy Pelosi to get their minds right. When they came out they immediately ceased addressing Obama and directed all of their wrath to the Tea Party.

Politically the CBC doesn’t bite the hands that feed them. They know that each one of them is easily replaceable because they represent districts where any Democrat on the general election ballot will win every time. They feel pressure from other Black Democrats waiting in line to get “their” spot. With such weak bargaining positions, they get no love and no campaign money from the DNC. They have become so beholden to government money that they lack no real clout in their own Democrat caucus. So like any bully in their situation they get aggressive with people they perceive as weaker because they have obviously proven that they lack the guts to stand up to liberals so they take the easy route and only attack conservatives.

So in order to get back in good graces with their masters they have decided to get tough with the Tea Party (a movement.) They have started this anti-Tea Party message circulating in the black media and the mainstream media wants to keep it that way. Bashing the Tea Party in the mainstream media is getting old so the CBC is now carrying the water for the liberal agenda while the vitriol from CBC town halls go ignored by the major networks. These few blacks get to be touted as “the leaders.”

In exchange, millions of other black people struggle to get by and are taught that salvation comes from government. Just drive around black neighborhoods from coast to coast and you will see the results of the CBC’s work. From Oakland to Detroit to Miami everyone knows “the hood” when they see it. The CBC can blame the Tea Party all they want, they are clearly delusional. The rest of America sees the truth everyday in our communities whether Carson and Waters acknowledges it or not.

Written By Andre Harper