Connie, Siddeeq And You – The Gantt Report

Connie, Siddeeq And You - The Gantt Report
Connie Tucker

ASFRICANGLOBE – I recently attended the home going services for Connie Tucker, a true revolutionary in every sense of the phrase.

I didn’t know Connie personally but I knew a lot about her. Almost everyone in the Black power movement, the Pan African movement, the Black activist movement, the Environmental Rights movement, the Civil Rights movement and other progressive periods and activities related to the empowerment of African American and African people across the globe knew about Connie Tucker.

Once Connie became active in the struggle for human rights, she never stopped standing up, speaking out and fighting for equal rights and justice.

In my mind, her level of contributions to Black progress equaled, or perhaps surpassed the exploits of the more famous Angela Davis!

Angela was smart academically but Connie was book smart and street smart. Connie had a greater impact on many more Black people because she was constantly on the front lines in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and in many other states and cities.

Rest in peace, Connie Tucker. The struggle continues.

My friend, my leader and my brother Muhammad Siddeeq has just released a new book he wrote entitled “Black Lives Didn’t Matter When Indianapolis Police Murdered Michael Taylor”.

I just got the book and and haven’t read it all but knowing Siddeeq, the book must be nothing but the truth!

I highly recommend Siddeeq’s book because I highly recommend Muhammad Siddeeq.

Siddeeq wrote the foreword to my book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” and no one has described and captured the essence of Lucius Gantt the way that Siddeeq did. Siddeeq, like Connie Tucker, is a soldier in God’s Army, a freedom fighter for life!

To me, Siddeeq has been so much to me, a friend, a comrade, a protector, an ally, a supporter and somewhat of a surrogate father to me because whenever I needed Siddeeq he was always there for me like my biological father, Lucius II, was there for me.

But what about you?

The Black Power enthusiasts of the 50s, 60s, and 70s are either dying out or selling out!

Back in the day, you could put a rally, a march or a serious protest together with only a rumor about one Black person being mistreated. Nowadays, you can beat a Black woman to the ground, choke a Black man in the neck or shoot a Black child in the back until he is dead in broad day light and nothing will happen more than a surge of Facebook posts or Twitter tweets!

I know it’s hard to be a person that is willing to fight for his or her beliefs but if you truly want to live, you have to be willing to die.

Too many Black neighborhoods, Black communities and Black colleges are becoming sanctuaries for punks, stages for freaks, homes for Hoes, and warehouses for the weak, the scared and the disinterested!

We can mourn for Connie Tucker and we can enjoy the remaining days of Muhammad Siddeeq  but we need more and new freedom fighters in America and around the world!

What young person is going to get up from the union bid whisk table and get down in the projects, the barrios, the ghettos and the other areas where young angels, young warriors and young freedom fighters are needed?

The movements and struggles that had Connie Tucker and Muhammad Siddeeq as participants didn’t start with thousands of followers and well wishers, the movement of today can start with you.

When people see you doing the right, the brave, the caring, or the smart thing, the masses will soon be right there with you.

God please send us another fearless woman like Connie Tucker and more righteous men like brother Muhammad Siddeeq!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at