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Have NO Contact With Police – They Are Child Killers


Have NO Contact With Police – They Are Child Killers
America is one of the worst violators of human rights

AFRICANGLOBE- We were warned as young boys to have NO engagement with police, under NO circumstances. In the Nickerson Gardens Housing Projects, we would avoid any engagement with the police. Any time they would enter into our community, we would notify each and every individual in our community that they were present, because we knew what these predators were coming to do. Therefore, we established defense mechanisms against them and NO engagement was very effective.

Their whole purpose is to profile each and every individual in the community, whether they are into criminal activity or not. They have no interest in community service, outside of incarcerating, harassing and criminalizing anyone they can, especially when the opportunity presents itself.

We used this very effectively. Children ran from them; and the young adolescents, teenagers and adults never engaged them, because we all realized we were dealing with a very dangerous predator.

We have to realize that what the police are doing, and what we are witnessing, is an act of provocation to instigate and agitate state and eventually federal violence against the people. It’s what you call manufactured violence – chaos on a larger scale – because when you take all of these incidents into question, you can clearly see something more sinister at play.

We must look at it in its larger context. We’re talking outright murders being carried out against the people, children at that! It’s so many that we who call ourselves men should be ashamed, especially the so-call Black establishment and the many politicians and powerful religious institutions, athletes etc.

We have to be serious about our lives. If we are going to shout “non-violence” while under attack by the state, then what is the alternative? Are you all willing to shut down the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA in order to protest the killing of our children and people?

Are you willing to walk away from the Congressional Black Caucus – or any local, state or federal office until Black people (i.e., Black life) are respected and valued? Are Black people, so-called citizens of this nation, willing to remove all your children from harm’s way, i.e. schools etc., until the killing and outright profiling of our people cease?

I was always educated to the understanding of “perfect love” and “perfect hate.” We need to truly educate ourselves to who truly loves us and who truly hates us as a people and embrace this as our practice and beliefs, because for too long, we have allowed our lives to be compromised by the state and federal governments with compensation (i.e., payoffs) for our dead.

No amount of money is worth a person’s life, because it is irreplaceable. Nor do we need an explanation from an already rigged-up grand jury. That judicial process is a scam of a system.

We should not be blinded by rhetoric on “police training.” This narcissistic president, B. Obama, is literally investing a quarter of a billion dollars in law enforcement training for these killings.

This is what one would call an oxymoron. The police do not deserve another penny pumped into their over-massive use of force. Where is the outrage about this proposal? Are we not aware of what is at play here? How do you pour more money into failure?

Police Killings In America
Kenneth Harding Jr., an unarmed African-American man who was shot by San Francisco police officers and left to die

The police state has grown too big and cannot satisfy its humongous appetite. Therefore, it has to create trouble through provocation, instigation and agitation in order to make itself useful. They’re not even dealing with actual criminals in these incidents; they are killing helpless and innocent citizens of this county.

Again, I insist that all Black people and any person who lives in oppressed, impoverished communities where police is free to kill at will, establish yourselves around a NO engagement program against these predators. Even if you’re not a criminal, do what you can to have NO contact with police under NO circumstances, for your own protection. Beware of them like child sexual predators, because they are child killers.

During the 1992 rebellion, riots and uprising over the Rodney King incident, to which an all-white jury came back with a not guilty verdict on an obvious violation of his civil and human rights, where state police beat this man senseless, the people took action. It unfortunately led to 52 people being killed and the destruction of property – state and corporate, as well as community property.

What people didn’t realize was that the corporate-state government would wage a series of attacks on breaking up these Watts and South Central communities by placing FBI substations inside these communities and they ran their Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) reconnaissance (a preliminary survey of an area, an exploratory, military survey of enemy territory).

And when they were done, these communities went from 85 or 90 percent Black people to 25 to 35 percent, and we all know what happened next. So any action will come with consequences from the state and federal government. It has always been repressive, but in action is worse.

Remember, you can encourage all 47 million Black people in Amerikkka to boycott corporate Amerikkka, which can be tied directly to these killings. NO one should shop at any store that calls the police against customers. When people stole from Mr. Tucker’s store, he told their mother, not the police, and she would make you pay for what you stole or took. That is a store owner who is tied to the community.

One love, one struggle,


By: Mutope Duguma


State Terrorism And The War On Black People

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