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United States: No Country for Young Black Men

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Jordan Davis and accused murderer

AFRICANGLOBE – With the recent shooting death of Florida teen Jordan Davis due to his music being too loud I’ve found it disturbingly accurate that the United States of America is not for young Black men. Now some of us African-Americans that work for the government or the military may disagree with me which is cool I still respect them. What happened to Jordan Davis is a continuation of a disturbing trend that’s been going on for decades throughout this country.

It’s bad enough that we had to endure the pain of the Trayvon Martin shooting back in February of this year at the hands of neighborhood vigilante George Zimmerman but when does it stop is the question. I know some people will use Black on Black crime as a cop out for this which is another story for another article.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we now we all know the story about Emmitt Till who was brutally murdered at the hands of several White men back in Mississippi in 1955 at the age of 14 for allegedly flirting with a White woman. Now the correlation between these three young Black men is that they were all young Black men who were in the south at the time of their murders and all of their killers killed them due to White men being insecure about their power over them.

When I say their insecure about their power over young Black men I mean some feel as if their losing their country to ethnic minorities particularity young Black men and it scares them to death. Like Trayvon Martin walking through a wealthy community with his hoodie on at night. Or Jordan Davis who along with his friends played their music in a gas station open to the public and Emmitt Till who thought it was cool to flirt with one of their pure and seemingly innocent women.

I’ll never understand how these token Negroes who surrounded themselves with nothing but White friends and decide to ignore the fact that their skin color does play a role in their future. When I say the token Negro I’m talkin about those who surround themselves with only White friends and act as if racism is a thing of the past due to it being 2012.

But I believe that this cycle will keep continuing until America decides to make an example out of these killers and put them behind bars for the rest of their miserable and racist lives. We can’t say that this is the land of the free and the home of the brave when our young men are being snatched away from by our historical oppressors and we sit back and do nothing about it.  That’s all till the next episode………

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