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The Deadly Come Up – The Gantt Report


The Deadly Come Up - The Gantt Report
Lucius Gantt

AFRICANGLOBE – Some African Americans have “buzzard luck”! They can’t kill anything and nothing will die!

On the other hand, more than a few Black people are like personal injury lawyers that have a dead baby case. Those Blacks get an economic come up when someone dies.

Let me explain. Good parents always try their best to leave their children something when they take their final journey to The Land of Plenty.

They purchase life insurance policies that will cover funeral arrangements and also leave the children with an extra few dollars to help them make it without Mom and/or Dad.

Other parents work hard to create revenue generating businesses to leave to their children that the kids can sell or continue to operate to keep a money stream going.

Perhaps the best thing parents and grandparents can leave children and grand children is land. Blacks in the rural South are more likely to have land that has been passed down for generations than their big city or urban counterparts.

Land is so valuable that revolutions are fought for land. Land can be used to collateralize bank loans. And, in normal economic times, land values appreciate.

But why do African Americans have to wait until a family member dies to get money, to start a business or, sorry to say, buy a new car, a new house or take an expensive vacation?

When Papa Gantt was called home by the Lord, Little Lucius (what many family members still call me) didn’t inherit a thing. When Mama passed, she left my sister and I $10,000 each.

To me, my parents gave my sister and I something while they both were living that is more valuable than all of the gold in Fort Knox!

They taught us how make things happen, how to hustle and how to work to get things and pay for things on our own!

As a boy, I couldn’t understand why Daddy would constantly say he wanted to start a business. When I became a man his business desire came clearer to me.

His father, my grandfather, was a successful cement contractor and land owner that was able to put people to work. He was also a great community servant that built a church in Atlanta. Business was in grandaddy’s DNA.

So, that meant I have the same DNA but no one believes it even though my parent company, All World Consultants, has been in operation since 1980.

I’ve had a few dollars before. I once owned a broadcasting construction permit in North Florida that I sold for over a quarter of a million dollars. I was a successful lobbyist and a world-class journalist. In my younger days, I was also a good hustler and a decent gambler, some people say.

Today, I’m merely a good man trying to, with God’s help, make a few million dollars here and there.

Whatever I make from now until my last days, I’ve told my three children to get what they want from me now! Whatever I possess, they can have it now. All they have to do is ask for it and come and get it.

I don’t want tears when God says it is my time to come home. I don’t expect any kind of fancy funeral but if my kids want to have one, I want them in the front row smiling, not in the parking lot fighting about who got what.

I want all of us to enjoy our “come up” together and alive!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net

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