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Democracy Or Hypocrisy: Why We Dare To Call It Genocide

Democracy Or Hypocrisy: Why We Dare To Call It Genocide?
Kenneth Harding Jr., an unarmed African-American man who was shot by San Francisco police officers and left to die

AFRICANGLOBE – When we look at the history of America – and we really do not have to look too far back – we have no difficulty finding factual evidence of acts of genocide and attempted genocide by America of its own people.

This history of genocide started hundreds of years ago, when the indigenous people of America were murdered in order to steal their lands. The surviving Native Americans were uprooted from their homelands and herded into concentration camps.

They were then “resettled” on different lands which were located hundreds of miles away. For the most part, men, women and children were made to march on foot to these destinations. These uninhabitable sites were then called “reservations,” where America’s indigenous tribes were left to starve and die from various illnesses they did not have prior to the arrival of the invading European whites.

Indigenous peoples had restrictions and laws forced on them. Euro-Americans systematically employed methods designed to strip them of their histories, languages and cultures. Native-American children were kidnapped from their families and placed in so-called “schools” where their native languages, clothes and customs were forbidden. This was still occurring in the 20th century.

Although America’s indigenous peoples were not totally eradicated from this country, the criminal acts inflicted on them have had permanent devastating effects. One but has to look at the living conditions which exist on reservations in most states: unemployment, poor housing, poor educational opportunities, poor medical care and poor nutrition.

Their native diets were almost completely altered. The White man carried many diseases which almost destroyed them. These diseases include tuberculosis, diabetes, hypertension, diabetes and, of course, alcoholism. Alcoholism has caused many indigenous children to be afflicted with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, a terrible condition.

So much for those many friendship pacts and signed agreements and treaties between the Euro-Americans and the original peoples of this country!

Let’s turn now to examples of genocide of non-indigenous, non-white Americans. How about a brief glance at the history of Americans of African descent?

African-Americans were stolen away from their homelands by Europeans and Americans for centuries. They were sometimes taken by ship to European countries, but the main slave trade was centered in the Caribbean and the good old US of A.

The brutalities on the slave ships, where these kidnapped Africans were beaten, starved, tortured and confined to less space than sardines in a can, in pitch-blackness, chained and lying in their own waste, and many more unspeakable acts, are well documented. Those thousands who died or who were killed were thrown overboard. Many hurled themselves overboard.

Those African-Americans who made it here alive were auctioned like cattle and sold to the highest bidders. They were regarded as property, much like a horse is, but with less value and with less care.

Michael Brown was executed by Darren Wilson

They were forced to work under inhuman, unbelievable conditions, in a strange country thousands of miles away from their homeland, families, languages and customs. This country was built on the backs and with the bloodshed of these enslaved Blacks – the Ancestors’ forced, unbelievably hard labor, under the most bestial conditions, for which they never received compensation or reward.

The big pay-off came when the slaves were emancipated. They were declared free: free to starve to death or work for the former slave-master for slave wages. In order to survive, the former slave was compelled to submit to this and other forms of massive trickery and, to this day, African-Americans are victims of slave-master trickery.

For example, let’s look at the drug epidemic in America, a good example of the hypocrisy of America’s “democracy.” The bulk of the drugs are concentrated in the African-American communities.

These drugs are not shipped or imported into these communities by the poor people who live there. They have been placed there by design and with assistance by this government.

“Why?” you might well ask. Avaricious greed, profit and racist genocide, which helps eliminate a whole lot of Black people, is my response. The government feeds off every aspect of the drug trade. The government has been sure to institute all kinds of laws regarding drugs.

These laws include decisions about who goes to prison and for how long. There are laws which build these prisons to house people convicted of drug violations and laws to create, hire and promote police to enforce the laws and arrest the people who are sent to these prisons.

Judges, lawyers and those employed by the courts and jails all get paid because of these same laws. Prison building contracts and contracts for guards, medical care, laundry and food services for these prisoners are huge multi-million-dollar industries. Big business lobbies wield huge amounts of political power.

People have often verbalized confusion as to why so many murder and missing persons cases go unsolved. The answer lies in the fact that these types of cases are of no interest in the money game of high arrest scores for profit.

Law enforcement personnel are promoted and get rank and salary increases based on the number of arrests they make, not on the number of crimes solved. Logically then, it follows that it takes too much time and resources to solve one murder case as opposed to, say, making 50 low-level drug arrests, which provide opportunities for low-level cops to advance upwards in the ranks. Accordingly, these arrests get more prison cells filled and more personnel hired and more prisons built and more big business and political power – and so it goes.

Presently, social media, including Hollywood filmmakers, glorify the drug culture and all its trappings, which grabs the attention of – and distracts – African-American youth. America’s Black youth are fed the propaganda that lives are worthless and cheap and that the price you have to pay for what you choose to do in life is painless or inconsequential. This, in and of itself, is a form of mass genocide.

State trooper savagely beating Black woman

We can correlate a more direct line of genocide with the enormous influx of all types of firearms into Black and other disenfranchised communities. These firearms, however, are mostly wielded by so-called officers of peace. How much blood have these officers spilled! A week does not go by without a young Black life being lost at the hands of law enforcement.

The government of America is complicit in the genocidal plot to kill the poor, the mentally ill and people of color. Easy access to weaponry in these communities does not happen by chance, but by design. One of the thoughts behind this appears to be: “Sure, let them have guns and then they can kill each other.”

With the non-stop shootings of young Black men (mostly men, some young women, increasingly children) and other youths of color, it is apparent that law enforcement has declared government-sanctioned open season on Black youths.

What follows these platitudes are basically no actions. Why? The answer lies in the fact the scum-bag politicians are controlled by the dollars and political clout wielded by the powerful gun lobby and their lackeys, the gun manufacturers, and these politicians are beholden to them, not the American people. The scumbag American politicos are interested in the money and power they screw the American citizens out of on a daily basis, and we are fooling ourselves if we think that public safety and gun control are of any real concern to American politicians.

It is therefore of necessity and of urgency that we recognize that in order to understand our present situation and strive for change, we must come to terms with our past. We must tie America’s history of genocide and racism to our current history, to our so-called system of democracy, which is fundamentally hypocrisy, and to the lives of our lost Black youths at the hands of this system.

It is of dire necessity that we do all we can to enlighten ourselves and our children, for that is minimally what we owe them and their futures depend on it.


By: Elbert Howard 


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