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Detroit Party Stores Mock Black Customers On Social Media


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Why spend money with people who hate you BUY BLACK


AFRICANGLOBE – It’s not uncommon for businesses to use social media to attract and engage with their customers, but several metro Detroit party stores were caught using it to mock its patrons.

Cellphone photos of Black party store customers with racist comments underneath them began appearing on Instagram. The customers faces are clearly seen and none of them were aware that their photos had been taken. Some of the victims of the vicious online attacks are children, like in the photo above.

Below are a few more photos with the accompanying comments.

Detroit Party Store Twitter


COMMENT: They probably stole those dogs.


Detroit Party Store social media


COMMENT: David trying to bleach this burnt kahpa

Some people later found the photos and called for news outlets to investigate who exactly took them.The images were tracked to Instagram user, bkoftheday, who is the son of a non-Black party store owner in Warren, Mich. When the man was contacted, he seemed to be very upset over his son’s behavior.

“I apologize to the people,” he said. “I apologize to little kids, to grown men. I will apologize to everybody about my son.”

The man claims his son worked for him at the store but has fired him because of his actions. Check out the full news story below.


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