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The Dirty Secrets Of Benjamin Franklin


The Dirty Secrets Of Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin was just another low down bastard, similar to the other so-called “Founding Fathers” of America.

AFRICANGLOBE – Benjamin Franklin is a well-known “Founding Father” of the United States.  However, most people know very little about him, other than he invented electricity (he didn’t – electricity has always been around) and a couple of other items. Franklin lived a long life, though, and he did a lot of things that most people don’t know about. Some of these things are sort of risque and they might shock you. Here are five dirty little secrets of this Father of the United States of America:

Benjamin Franklin: The Dropout

Franklin is well-known for his scientific achievements and inventions, but did you know that Ben’s formal education didn’t get him past the second grade? His father originally wanted him to be a minister, but Franklin had a calling towards many things, including: Postmaster, printer, writer, and inventor. He was self-educated and was given an honorary doctorate. Even though he knew his education was lacking, he always went by “Doctor” Franklin.  Not too bad for a guy who quit school at the age of six.

Benjamin Franklin & The Bastard Child

It is well-known that Ben Franklin was a big flirt and some have rumored that he was truly the “father of our country”, however, he only had one child out of wedlock (only one…). The child, named William, was documented as Franklin’s son, yet the mother has been hidden to this very day. Some have speculated that she may have been a prostitute, yet other’s claim that she was a woman of very poor means that embarrassed the Franklin family with her impoverished background. She may have been a maid in the Franklin household and Ben paid for her living expenses her entire life.

Ben Franklin: Milf Chaser

Yes, you read that right. Benjamin Franklin liked older women and in 1745, when he was 39 years old, he wrote a letter to a younger friend, explaining to him why he should take an older woman as a lover. His friend was questioning about having sex without marriage and Franklin suggested that if he didn’t want to get married, he should go after an older woman.  Here are some of his reasons:

  • Since they’ve been around awhile and are more knowledgeable about the world, you can have a better conversation with them.
  • No need for safe sex since older women have gone through menopause already.
  • Older women are more grateful at having sex than younger women because they don’t have it as often.
  • The Sin is less. She’s already had sex. You can’t ruin an older woman’s life!

As you can see, the way people thought about things were a little bit different when Franklin was coming with his list (that actually contains eight reasons). While we might think that Franklin was an old fashioned person, he was anything but…Franklin was a free-thinker for his time and quite uninhibited.

Ben Franklin & The Sex Club

Our ancestors were just as interested in sex as we are today. However, since they didn’t have the internet to look up free porn, they ended up going to “gentlemen clubs” to get their jollies. In Franklin’s case, the club was in England and was known as, theB rotherhood of St. Francis of Wycombe – or more commonly, The Hellfire Club. Some historians say that Franklin was a non-member, while others claim that he was spying on the members of the group, but it is known that he showed up at quite a few meetings in the days prior to the Revolutionary War. During the meetings, which happened twice a month with a week-long “convention” in the summer, consisted of orgies, rituals, “wenching”, and drinking. Who knew?

Ben Franklin: Serial Killer?

What? Well, it is possible that Franklin might have been a serial killer. In 1998, in London, they were restoring Franklin’s old home at 36 Craven Street, near Trafalgar Square. While they were renovating, they came across ten bodies (four adults and six children) buried under the house. The bodies were more than 200 years old and from the time that Franklin lived at the premises, in London. The bodies had been sawed apart and some of the skulls had holes drilled in them. It is possible that Franklin – or another resident of the home – may have been doing medical experiments – but why bury them beneath the home? In Philadelphia, researchers tried to find more bodies, but never did. Was Franklin a serial killer or was he working on body-snatched corpses for autopsies – something also illegal, at the time, that would have landed him in prison?

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