Dominican Republic Cancels Meeting With Haiti; Accuses Caricom Of Interference

Haiti Dominican Republic
Haiti and the Dominican Republic both occupy the island of Hispaniola

AFRICANGLOBE – The Dominican Republic says it will no longer meet with Haitian officials to talk about an illegal court ruling that could strip Dominican citizens of Haitian heritage living in the country of their Dominican citizenship.

Wednesday’s announcement comes a day after the Caribbean Community criticized the ruling and said it would defer a Dominican request to become a member of the trade bloc.

Dominican Presidential Minister Gustavo Montalvo said the government canceled the meeting because it feels Haiti violated an earlier agreement to prioritize bilateral dialogue.

Jose Ramon Fadul, president of the Dominican Republic’s National Migration Council, accused Caricom of interference and retaliation.

Haiti President Michel Martelly had attended Caricom’s meeting and said he was supposed to meet with Dominican officials by week’s end, noting he wanted to see concrete action taken.


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