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Donald Sterling: Sports And Corporate Closet Klansmen

Donald Sterling: Sports And Corporate Closet Klansmen
Donald Sterling is Jewish yet he is also equally a racist and a bigot of the worst kind. WE HAVE NO FRIENDS

AFRICANGLOBE – For more than 40 years I have been writing opinion columns that told you in no uncertain terms that all African Americans are in the same bag, in the same boat and we all get the same wrath from the same kind of people!

And what have I gotten for revealing the truth? I was ignored. I was ostracized. I was criticized. I was denied job opportunities. I was denied business opportunities. I was ridiculed. I was stereotyped.

Many of the Black men, women and children that I love hated me and wished for my demise!

But let me write this column slowly and perhaps you can read it slowly.

America’s racists, White supremacists, neo-nazis, skinheads and modern day segregationists feel the same way about the quiet, subservient, accommodating, grinning, hat in hand, head scratching, boot licking, handkerchief head Uncle Toms, Sambos, Fiddlers, Chicken Georges, Jezebels and Aunt Jemimas as they do about America’s Black nationalists and community activists!

America’s corporate closet klansmen dislike nice guys like Magic Johnson just as much as they dislike you! Magic once had some ownership in the Los Angeles Lakers and now is part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers Major League baseball team.

This idea that you have to love your enemies so much that you should allow them to slap your left cheek, slap your right cheek and then let them kick you in your butt literally and figuratively is a devilish trick and an idea that must be discredited and discarded!

I’m not suggesting that “nice” African Americans should stop being nice but I do feel Blacks who will not stand up, Blacks who will not speak out and Blacks who can’t go to sleep and dream about fighting for equal rights, justice, dignity and respect should stop hating the messengers!

So called Negro leaders will call on African Americans to pray when someone says something bad to you, march when someone does something bad to you and sing for no damn reason at all when African American lives becomes depreciated and dilapidated!

If you believe in the Bible or in other religious writings you would know that God has instructed his children to “Fear Not”.

But African American elected officials are afraid to politic. African American colleges are terrified to teach or to hire professors with different or alternative view points and Black workers, scared of losing their jobs, are really scared of disagreeing with biased bosses.

You may think if you love the corporate klansman, love the oppressive Governor, or admire the insensitive employer, you’ll be all right. You may think if you have the lofty political title or political appointment you may be above the common man or common woman. And you may think if you’re the highly paid TV or radio host, the money making rapper, comedian or entertainer or the athlete with the multi-million dollar contract you will be sheltered and protected.

But the fact of the matter is that the slimy, degenerate devil is everywhere you are! Satan may sound fair when he talks to you but when the devil thinks he’s on a private phone call, in a private political meeting or when he is at his hellish home sitting by, or in, the fire, the devil will say what he really feels, the devil doesn’t like you, me or any other African American!

The Gantt Report believes every player, Black, White and international players in the National Basketball Association (NBA) should be appalled that an NBA owner would say he doesn’t want some Black people to attend NBA basketball games.

I don’t think they should quit their jobs or stop trying to win an NBA championship but they have to be men enough to speak their mind.

Thank God for LeBron James and the few Black sportscasters and sports team officials that have spoken up about inappropriate racial comments by NBA owners in these days when people you love like many so-called Negro leaders won’t say a damn word!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net



Donald Sterling’s Racist Comments

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