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Things You Don’t See Black People Doing After The Election Of Trump


AFRICANGLOBE – On an average day you cannot convince most Black people to take their own progress or survival seriously, things such as sports, clubbing, twerking, snapchatting, swirling and the mannequin challenge were just far too important to worry about than Black empowerment, gentrification, police brutality or survival, but today is not an average day.

Most Blacks bought into the idea of a colorblind world, a place where, ‘there is no Black or white America, just the United States of America’, where racism doesn’t exist and is only a figment of your Black ‘radical’ imagination. The election of Donald J. Trump, an open white supremacist, with the endorsement of a former KKK Grand Dragon, predominantly by their white neighbors and friends is proving to be a humbling experience to those delusional brain-dead Blacks.

Here is a list of things you did’t see Black people doing or saying after the election of Donald J. Trump:

Claiming Racism Doesn’t Exist: Recently many intelligent Black Americans were shocked to hear numerous, supposedly Black, public figures claiming that racism doesn’t exists in America. From Raven Symone, Charles Barkley, Stephen A. Smith, Sheriff David Clarke, Lil Wayne to your neighbors and friends the chorus of denial rang loud among fools.

How do you explain the election of a man who, has called for the deportation and targeting of non-whites and religious minorities, for a crackdown on Black protesters who just simply want rogue cops to stop killing them.

Swirlers Claiming White Guys Are Better: According to most Black female swirlers, white guys are automatically better than Black men, and protects them when Black men don’t, if this is the case then by default Trump should automatically be a way better president than Obama. What do you have to fear? Is it the spike in racial crimes many targeting Black women by white male Trump supporters? Maybe it’s just your swirling imagination.

Most Whites Are Not Racist It’s A Minority: The result of the election shows that Trump had broad support among whites from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds. From billionaires to bums, Trump won the majority of white votes, male and female. What is it that the majority of white Americans saw in Trump that they identified with and voted for?

Don’t See Them Twerking: A mere two days since the election of Trump and already there are reports of a spike in racial crimes against Blacks and other non-whites, people are waking up to their cars and homes spray painted with hateful slurs and public chants of white power. It is now more apparent than ever that it is time to watch that ass, not shake that ass.

Don’t See Long Lines At Footlocker: If Trump and the Republican Congress and Senate are successful in in repealing “Obamacare” and gutting most public assistance programs such as Section 8 and WIC, a lot of people might want to hang on to that extra cash, you might just need it to to pay for healthcare when you are shot in the back ten times by a cop or vigilante who feared for his life while you were running away from him.

Calling For Gun Reform: With a spike in hate crimes just days after the election, and more and more white supremacists feeling emboldened to commit violence, a large amount of Blacks are now finding it necessary to protect themselves and their families by being armed.

The ascendance to power of an open white supremacist in America hopefully will have a unifying affect on Black Americans, shocking them into a state of active self preservation.



Donald Trump And The Return Of The Good Old Days

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