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Why We Don’t Progress – The Gantt Report


Why We Don't Progress - The Gantt Report
In 2014 Black people in America are still marching for basic human rights

AFRICANGLOBE – Why we don’t progress is a question that so-called Black scholars have debated for hundreds of years.

Booker T. Washington had an idea about how we could improve our lives and so did WE.B. Dubois. Martin Luther King had a path he suggested we could take for racial progress and so did Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X.

The Gantt Report says Blacks in America will never realize their best as a group until we shed the shackles of slavery and not the ones that have been taken off of our ankles. We must remove the shackles from our minds!

Slavery is not merely the Black man’s burden. The things that went on during slavery have negatively impacted everybody in the United States!

Can I prove it? Yes!

We cannot construct a bright future for African Americans if Black people continue to use the building blocks of a dark past.

“All men are created equal” in the eyes of the Lord but that phrase is a government joke!

The United States government once considered Black men to be one-fifth of a White man as far as rights are concerned and in 2014 it appears we have even fewer rights than that!

Black people don’t have equal rights under the law, we don’t have equal protection under the law and we certainly don’t have equal opportunities for government or private sector jobs, contracts and desired services!

There is power in Black unity but Black Americans find it difficult to unite. There is no need for slave masters and overseers to divide us, pit us against each other and separate us from our family and community brothers and sisters because African Americans do it on their own.

We only want to join the organizations and groups that the people that oppress Black people want us to join, we only want to support the efforts and the causes of Black people that the exploiters of Black people want us to support and we only want to love the people, the religions and the cultures that non-Black people tell us to love!

We don’t trust each other. If what we say or what we write or what we do is not done in the way that will allow us be controlled, we consider it the wrong thing.

If something is published in the Black newspaper or media institution is different from what is in the White newspaper or on the white TV or radio show we disbelieve what is in the Black media.

Our racial insecurities are bad enough but everybody else in America believes it is correct to treat African Americans the way they are treated. The people that just reached America’s shores on a inner tube from the Caribbean think they are more American and deserve more rights than African Americans that have been here 500 years.

Blacks love them some Oprah Winfrey but the poorest White woman in the world would never want to turn Black and be Oprah! Yes, she may want Winfrey’s money but they do not want to live life as a N-word!

We have to admit it is bad to be a slave (except in a movie) in America and the only thing worse than that is being a descendant of an American slave.

This idea that anything and anyone Black is inferior must be discredited and abandoned!

If you don’t want to stand up, speak out and fight for equal rights and progress at least you should support the Black men and women that risk their careers and risk their lives to stand up for you!

No, I’m not talking about the poverty pimps running around the USA getting large sums of money to tell us to march, pray and bow down to people that hate you.

I can’t complain about prayer but there is no “march” that can change a devilish political decision like a Stand Your Ground law. Those people telling you to take off from work, march around a state capitol, hold hands with closet klansmen and sing “We Shall Overcome” to get an unfair law repealed are insane in the membrane and perhaps just looking for a media appearance.

If you don’t know, gun sellers and gun supporters like the NRA lobby politicians about what they want every day, all year long! They also contribute millions of dollars to politicians that vote for NRA backed legislation.

Devilish politicians in American will watch you march, laugh at your speeches and do the opposite of what you want the politicians to do.

Question? If the enemies of Black Americans don’t control these fake marches why isn’t Louis Farrakhan invited to speak and why isn’t The New Black Panther Party invited to participate? You can’t even pass out a Gantt Report column at these useless marches!

I think we have to look toward the Black youth for our progress. I love senior citizens. In fact, a lot of people call me a senior citizen. But anyone that knows world history knows that successful  movements have involved young people, young Freedom Riders, young folks sitting at lunch counters, young people registering Blacks to vote, young people protesting apartheid and neocolonialism, young people organizing Black communities even “young” people changing water to wine and healing the sick!

We will never progress until we are able to think for ourselves, do for ourselves and love ourselves!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net


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