These Dream Wedding Themes Are Simply Magical

These Dream Wedding Themes Are Simply Magical

The hardest thing about wedding planning is to decide what to do. That’s because the planning process – whether it is planning for a wedding or planning for anything else really – requires precision, focus, purpose and direction.

When you have a direction to look to and follow, or a basic guideline to turn to, the planning process becomes so much easier, and that is how we end up with wedding themes.

Wedding themes are popular with the weddings of today because they make planning for a wedding so much simpler. When you have a set concept as a guideline to go by, all the other details can be worked out easily from there.

You merely have to plan and arrange everything in accordance with the theme, from the decoration, to the color scheme and even the wedding favors. Some popular themes we can refer to as examples are the classic black and white wedding themes and for those who are young at heart or harbor secret fantasies of being a princess, there are fairy wedding themes.

The classic black and white theme has always been simple, yet undeniably classic throughout the ages. It is simple, classic, yet capable of making a bold statement and it is just as popular today as it was back then. And when it comes to weddings, nothing could be more classic that the black and white wedding themes.

Fairy wedding themes on the other hand are a completely different scenario. Ethereal, fantasy-like and romantic, this fantasy wedding is another popular choice because every bride as a young girl dreamed of finding her prince to marry one day and looking like a princess, and the wedding is about as close as she can get to carrying out her fantasy.

Although the black and white wedding themes and fairy wedding themes are two completely different concepts, there are still some similarities in them when it comes to preparing for the themed wedding that can be applied to both.

The first similarity that the black and white wedding themes and fairy wedding themes share would the color of the bridal attire. Naturally, the color scheme here would be white, and not just for the bridal attire, but some of the other color schemes like the groom’s attire, and some of the wedding decoration colors too.

Another similarity that can be spotted in both these black and white wedding themes and fairy wedding themes is the flowers. The thing about flowers is that you don’t have to have a specific flower for a specific theme.

Flowers are naturally beautiful no matter what surrounding they are placed in, and when it comes to themed weddings, it is no different. You can use any sort of flowers for either of these themes and it wouldn’t matter because they would still look amazing and still go well together with everything (as long as they are not too over the top of course) no matter what wedding theme you end up going for.

Food could also be another category where the similarities between these two wedding themes could overlap.

Just like flowers, food does not necessarily have any one specific food type for a specific wedding theme, and you are again free to choose any sort of food you want to have no matter what kind of theme you are having.

Good news here for everyone then, as this means you are free to have all your favorite foods at the wedding, no matter what the theme of it may be.

Of course there are aspects which are going to be different between the two themes, but the similarities that were noted above has another benefit too – these similarities not only apply to these two wedding themes, but to really any sort of wedding theme you may be thinking of throwing.

One way or another, at least you would always know that there are some constants you know would never change, and that in itself makes the planning process so much easier.

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