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The Dumbest Cop In America, Demetrick Pennie Is Suing Black Lives Matter


The Dumbest Cop In America: Dallas Police Sergeant Suing Black Lives Matter
Demetrick Pennie is a fine example of why so little Black officers speak out about the police war on Black people.

AFRICANGLOBE – Rioting, looting, and injured officers.

Scenes like that caused Dallas Police Sgt. Demetrick Pennie to file a lawsuit against the Black Lives Matter Organization, he says.

“When you hold Black Lives Matter accountable, you hold them accountable for their rhetoric,” Pennie said. “They are inciting violence against law enforcement.”

Last night, there was rioting in North Carolina after a Black man was shot and killed by an officer.

“We just had a shooting and in this shooting, a Black police officer kills a Black male,” Pennie said. “Rather than wait for evidence, we have people hitting the streets. Why?”

Sgt. Pennie says the Black Lives Matter movement is well-organized and creates chaos.

“Disrupting businesses, disrupting enterprises, looting, rioting — that’s not going to get [protesters what they want],” he said. “In fact, that is going to cause people to fear you.”

Thomas Glover is the president of the Black Police Association of Greater Dallas, and he vehemently disagrees with Pennie.

“We profoundly — let me repeat — we profoundly disagree with Sgt. Pennie,” Glover said. “Black Lives Matter is a social-justice group, just like any other group out there protesting for rights. There are nuts that show up to their protests and demonstrations.”

Glover went on to say the people who pose the greatest threat to law enforcement are white racists groups. The latest statistics by the FBI show the majority of officers killed are killed by white men.

“Some of the most-deadliest encounters that law enforcement officers have had has been behind white militia groups, white supremacist groups, white sovereign citizens groups carrying out threats to law enforcement,” Glover said.

He says those are the groups that should be sued. He says the Black community has the right to fear law enforcement. The majority of unarmed suspects killed in the U.S. are Black men.

“All you see is every day you wake up and wonder who will be next,” Glover said.

Sgt. Pennie says protests do more harm. He points to the fact five officers were killed in Dallas during a protest on July 7.

“We lost officers’ lives behind nonsense,” he said.

Sgt. Pennie says money needs to be spent on improving Black neighborhoods rather than on Black Lives Matter to bring about change.

The Black Police Association says that’s already happening, and calls Pennie’s lawsuit ludicrous.

In a release Wednesday night, the organization said “lawsuits […] are not bridges across the gap, the gap widens,” without making specific reference to Pennie’s lawsuit.

“Disrespect and verbal assaults hurled at social justice organizations like Black Lives Matter are not the answer,” the letter reads.

Pennie is suing for $500 million. What a dummy.


By: Rebecca Lopez


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