Election 2014: Who Could Deliver? That Was The Question!

Election 2014: Who Could Deliver? That Was The Question!
The 2014 election effectively makes Obama a lame duck president

AFRICANGLOBE – I wrote what would happen and you read it but all you would do was hate and discredit!

Dry your eyes and wipe your tears. To America’s Black citizens, the 2014 election results were an embarrassment!

Black voters and Black citizens were tricked, trapped, used and politically abused by modern day political Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas that sold out our race for rice, peas and invitations to the White man’s White House!

I know you don’t like for me to write like this but can I prove it?


If you don’t want to read further, no problem, just believe this: Republicans turned out there base increasing the turnout of senior voters, increased the turnout of conservative voters and increasing the number of White males that went to the polls to vote against anything and anybody associated with Democrats.

On the other hand, Democrats disrespected their most loyal base of voters, denied their most loyal political professionals and distanced themselves from the greatest vote generating person in recent history, current President Barack Obama!

Democrats nationwide, including the President, abandoned Black voters. Instead of working with Black community members and Black community political professionals, Democrats chose to work with front men, and women.

Democratic candidates believed in Black people who lied and fronted like they were Black political consultants, pretended they were Black media experts and gave academy award type performances acting like they had a clue about how to generate enough Black votes to win 2014 races.

Hmmm? Democrats decided way ahead of the election to use the preachers, the clowns and the crooks to take control of Congress and state Governor’s offices in the most important election race in recent history.

Let’s see, what would happen if White Democrats selected Rev. Joel Osteen, radio host Howard Stern and comedian Ellen Degeneres to act as political professionals to generate crucial White voters?

The same thing that happens when Rev. Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey and clowns like Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey are your most beloved, trusted and highest paid Black political advisers!

Year after year after year, the first people White Democrats run to to assist them in generating Black votes are the Black elected officials that they can control. The go to the Black elected officials that don’t spend their own campaign money with Black professionals, the Black elected officials that don’t buy Black owned media and the Black elected officials that can’t even turnout significant percentages of Black voters in their own damn districts!

Any Black person that will disagree with Democratic Party leaders will not be hired. Any Black person that will stand up and speak out about issues of Black interest will not be contracted and any Black person that loves Black people more than they love closet klansmen will never, ever get a chance to help or work for the national or state Democratic Party.

Is closet klansmen, too raw of a description? Well what do you call White Democrats that decided to distance themselves from Black voters, distance themselves from Black communities and distance themselves from the leader of the Democratic National Committee, your man and their boy, President Barack Obama who was treated like he had “political Ebola”!

Oh yes I say, in 2014 America’s Black voters were used, abused, bamboozled, misled, tricked and trapped by disingenuous White Democrats and boot-licking, neocolonialist Black political puppets that said even if a state like Florida spends $345 million on 2014 campaigns with White political vendors it is OK to spend basically zero dollars with Black people because Black votes are far, far less valuable and less important that White votes!

I told you perhaps years ago that Democrats hated real Black people so much that they would never control American government again in life!

Who can deliver has always been the American political question. The Back elected officials, the, false prophets, the clowns and the comedians can never inspire, motivate and move the Black masses. In order to communicate a message to Black voters you have to have a message that they believe and understand. Giving a Negro voice to a white script will never encourage the masses of registered Blacks to go and vote.

I told you what would happen. I told you Black political charlatans could never generate the high non-white turnout Democrats would need so they lost nationwide!

Now will you believe me? Any Negro won’t do!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net


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