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Fake News - The Gantt Report
The white media is rapidly losing what little credibility and influence that they had.

AFRICANGLOBE – Lying politicians are a lot like crack heads! One cannot stop tweeting misinformation and the other cannot stop prostituting herself.

If you stop to think about it, one lie or one puff on a crack pipe is too many and a thousand lies or a thousand puffs are not enough!

I wonder if United States citizens will go the next four years trying to decide who is right, who is wrong, who is honest and who will lie through his teeth to get people to believe he is perfect without a fault.

“Fake news” is the term of the day. The President would disagree with me but, in my mind, there is no such thing as “fake news”!

News is described in the dictionary as “new information about recent happenings”. When you discuss, or tweet, things that never happened, you are not talking about news.

When you create scenarios, suggest imaginary situations or make ridiculous statements, you are not reporting the news.

When the President of the United States makes a statement, has a comment, posts or tweets on social media or demands that his Press Secretary tells the working press corps something, what was said, discussed, posted or tweeted is reported on.

It appears as though any reports that question or disagrees with what the current President says, or believes, is “fake news”!

It doesn’t matter if you have intelligence reports, it doesn’t matter if you have corroborating witnesses or evidence and it doesn’t matter if you have videos or photographs to back up what you report on. If it is different than what the President says, it is “fake news”.

Let’s assume that fake news is really real.  If that was so, the President would be the fake news champion!

Can I prove it? In my mind, yes!

The President denied, disparaged and disrespected Barack Obama for years by falsely suggesting that he was unfit and unqualified to become President of the United States because he was not born in America. He also said the former President was a Muslim and a founder of ISIS.

All of those comments were “fake news” or outright lies!

Many of his comments about all of his political opponents and their families amounted to fake news or misrepresentations.

And, what the President tweeted about Rep. John Lewis, (D-Atlanta), representing a crime infested district full of drug users and unemployed people was a bigoted, biased and a racist depiction of a civil rights icon and the people he represents in Congress!

Atlanta is my hometown and I know Atlanta neighborhoods and communities. I lived in housing projects. I walked the streets of Buttermilk Bottom, “Little Vietnam”, “Bucket of Blood” Kirkwood, Bankhead and some of the other areas that rappers rap about but John Lewis’ political district is not one of those areas.

Millionaires like in John Lewis’s District. If you don’t know, the part of Atlanta that John Lewis represents is super affluent, well to do and may be one of the wealthiest political districts in the State of Georgia.

Don’t act like you’ve never heard of places in Atlanta like “Buckhead”, “Midtown” and “Atlantic Station”. You’ve seen those communities on the crazy Housewife shows, that’s where many of the professional athletes live and that’s where Puffy Combs, Ludicris, Gladys and others eat, drink and hang out sometimes when they are in the ATL!  My business will soon be setting its Atlanta offices in John Lewis’ political district.

When the President tweeted negative-type comments about the voting of the people who marched on Washington the day after his inauguration he was talking about his own supporters.

It was a Women’s March and over 50% of women that voted for President voted for him and subsequently marched and protested against him..

Perhaps the fake news President is like the Biblical wicked king, that cannot stop lying to his people.

One lie always leads to another and politicians that live by using fake news will die a political death by real real news!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net