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Fake Study Claims To Link Jamaican Music To Anti-Homosexual Attitudes


Fake Study Claims To Link Jamaican Music To Anti-Homosexual Attitudes
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AFRICANGLOBE – A new research from the University of London claims it has evidence supporting the view that dancehall music promotes homophobia and can lead to anti-social behaviour.

Jamaica has been controversially targeted internationally as one of the most homophobic places on Earth.

The so-called research also questions why Jamaican men find the gay lifestyle unbearable.

The study was done by Dr. Keon West from the University of London in collaboration with Dr. Noel Cowell from the University of the West Indies.

According to a report in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, the research is the largest piece of its kind to date, and uses data collected by pollster, Professor Ian Boxhill.

West says they interviewed about 2,000 people across 40 communities in Jamaica, looked at the predictors of anti-gay bias and developed a measurement.

He says the result confirmed what he called a suspicion that Jamaicans, in general, hold very strong prejudices against gays and lesbians.

He says religion which is normally used to support anti-gay views was not the most reliable or strongest predictor to explain the views of Jamaicans.

West asserts that the most reliable factors explaining Jamaica’s attitudes towards gays were gender and the preference for dancehall music.

The researcher says the so-called study provides the first empirical evidence that dancehall songs may be harmful, leading to more negative attitudes and anti-social behaviour.

Regarding gender, West says being male in Jamaica was a key predictor of the attitudes towards gays, with men more likely to be homophobic.

He says the gender consideration ranked higher than education, age and even religion.

West says this raises important questions about what it means to be a man in Jamaica and what makes the existence of gays so unbearable.


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