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Famed Herbal Healer Dr. Sebi ‘Dies In Police Custody’


Famed Herbal Healer Dr. Sebi 'Dies In Police Custody'
Dr. Sebi

AFRICANGLOBE – Famed herbal healer, pathologist, and naturalist Dr. Sebi reportedly has died while in police custody.

While details surrounding Sebi’s death are slowly developing, reports claim he died just after being arrested in Honduras for having over $30,000 cash on his person.

According to statements posted on his Twitter and Instagram on Saturday (Aug 6), the 83-year-old “has passed to a better place”.

“His legacy and vision will live on through us all,” the statement continued. “They will not shut us down – They will not silence us! Please stand beside us in these moments of great anguish. Do not accept the propaganda of other people or news outlets. This is the only Dr. Sebi approved channel and has always and will always be his only one true voice. We will provide updates and videos of Dr. Sebi’s last moments in Honduras soon.”

Dr. Sebi was born Alfredo Bowman in Honduras in 1933 and learned the craft of herbal healing from his grandmother. He also studied with a Mexican herbalist and began a line of products dubbed “Cell Food.”

One of Sebi’s claims to fame is his belief that rendering the body to an “alkaline state” makes it so that disease and ailments can’t exist in that said state.

He also created vegetable cell found compounds in order to fortify the body. He also claimed to have a cure for AIDS and cancer along with a long list of other related cures.

Sebi has treated several high-profile individuals including the late Michael Jackson and the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of TLC fame.

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