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Family Of First Black Man Found Dead At Ed Buck’s Home Condemn DA And Police


Family Of First Black Man Found Dead At Ed Buck's Home Condemn DA And Police
Ed Buck is being protected by his political connections.

AFRICANGLOBE – The family of Gemmel Moore – the first Black man found dead at Ed Buck’s home – has released a scathing statement condemning the local District Attorney and sheriff’s department for failing to detain and charge the Democratic Donor.

Representing Moore’s mother, LaTisha Nixon, attorney Nana Gyamfi shared they wanted to ‘express our sincere condolences’ to the family of Timothy Dean – the second man found dead in Buck’s home in 18 months.

‘We are heartbroken. We are sickened. We are outraged,’ she said in a statement. ‘This was an avoidable tragedy.’

She added: ‘We are clear that this Black man’s death is the direct result of the failure of law enforcement and District Attorney Jackie Lacey to charge and prosecute Ed Buck for the murder of Gemmel Moore and the crimes he committed against all of his victims.’

Gyami claimed that both she and Nixon warned authorities that ‘Ed Buck would kill again if they did not stop him.’

She shared that they tried effortlessly to present evidence to law enforcement – including getting prosecution immunity for witnesses – but were often met with skepticism and even a comparison to the Natalie Wood death controversy.

Eventually, Distict Attorney Jackie Lacey would announce that they weren’t going to charge the man.

Gyami asserted: ‘We know that Ed Buck should have been charged with multiple felony counts for his actions against Gemmel, including felony murder. The distribution and administration of illegal drugs is a felony that might reasonably foreseeably result in death.

‘Every time Ed Buck injected Gemmel with drugs, it was like he was holding a loaded gun to Gemmel’s head and playing Russian Roulette. The insistence by law enforcement and the District Attorney that there was insufficient evidence to charge Ed Buck would be laughable if it was not so disgusting and dripping with anti-Blackness.’

The lawyer continued by stating that Buck’s ‘white privilege’ allowed him to escape ‘any level of discomfort.’

‘If a young white man was found dead in a wealthy Black man’s apartment with syringes and drugs all around, that Black man would have been handcuffed and taken directly to jail,’ she stated.

Gyami continued: ‘Ed Buck has suffered no repercussions even though law enforcement was informed by our team that Ed Buck was continuing his predatory Tuskegee-like torture of vulnerable Black gay men.’

‘And now, another Black man died in Ed Buck’s apartment and he has still not been handcuffed, taken to a police station, or charged. I’m not sure how many Black men are required to die at the hands of Ed Buck before the system of alleged ‘law and order’ do their jobs.

‘Frankly, I am convinced that there are more dead Black bodies that are attributable to Ed Buck’s predations, but one – Gemmel Moore’s – should have been enough.

The lawyer and Gemmel’s family are demanding that Buck be arrested and charged with ‘two counts of felony murder and all additional counts related to his abuse and torture of Gemmel and other vulnerable Black men.’

Ms. Nixon will participate in the candlelight vigil for both her son and Timothy Dean on Friday, January 11 at 7pm. The vigil will be held in front of Ed Buck’s home.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s office could not be reached for a comment.

Timothy Dean found in Buck’s home on Monday – was originally from Florida but had long been living not far from Buck’s apartment in West Hollywood, California.

Dean worked at Saks Fifth Avenue, was a member of the National Gay Basketball Association and of One LA – a religious group – prior to his death.

Buck is now under investigation over the death of Mr Dean, which has also prompted the investigation into the death of Gemmel Moore, 26, in July 2017 at the residence, to be reopened.

Jasmyne Cannick, a Democratic candidate for California state assembly who has worked with Gemmel Moore’s family, said the DA and Sheriff’s Department ‘have blood on their hands’ for failing to properly investigate the donor after Moore’s death.

At the time of Moore’s death the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office decided not to prosecute Buck, saying there was ‘insufficient [evidence] to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that [Buck] is responsible for the death of Gemmel Moore.’

The DA’s Office said: ‘Likewise, the admissible evidence is insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that suspect Buck furnished drugs to Gemmel Moore or that suspect Buck possessed drugs.’

In February of last year Moore’s family published pages from his diary in which he alleged that it was Buck who first introduced him to narcotics.

These revelations prompted the LAPD to reopen its investigation into Buck but that too was closed until this week.


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