Fashion Editor Sitting On ‘Black Woman Chair’ Sparks Outrage

Fashion Editor Sitting On ‘Black-Woman Chair’ Sparks Outrage
Dasha Zhukova a Russian editor-in-chief of “Garage” sitting atop a half-naked black woman

AFRICANGLOBE – A magazine has caused outrage after publishing a photo of a White editor perched on a Black woman’ — using her as a chair — on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The news magazine has been accused of racism after it published a photo of “Garage” magazine editor-in-chief and Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova sitting on the chair, which was crafted from an almost-naked Black female mannequin.

In the controversial photos, Zhukova, dressed in a crisp white shirt and jeans, sits on a black mannequin that’s wearing only gloves, stockings and a garter belt, with her breasts pushed up against her legs.

The image of the fully-dressed in-charge White editor perched on a near-naked Black woman has sparked outrage and a slew of critical comments after it was posted online.

The image was even more shocking given that it was published on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a public holiday in honor of the civil rights leader.

“Buro 247″ is run by Miroslava Duma, the girlfriend of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. The magazine has since cropped the “chair” out of the photograph.

Duma posted the offensive image to Instagram before deleting it in the face of a barrage of critical comments.

Critics say the image highlights casual racism in the fashion industry.

“The message: White dominance and superiority, articulated in a seemingly serene yet overtly degrading way,” wrote Fashion Bomb Daily editor Claire Sulmers, who says the photograph pushes the idea of “Black women as objects.”

“But just as Dr. King fought fire hoses and barking dogs four decades ago so that not only Black women and Black people in general could be seen as human beings, the fight continues in the worlds of art and fashion,” it said.

“Every other day we see Black women demeaned, disrespected and overly sexualised as the ‘other.”

Readers also took to Twitter to voice their disbelief, with user Julee Wilson saying “MLK is turning in his grave and I’m cursing these people’s stupidity with all my heart and soul! MAJOR fail!”

However up until now, no White feminist has yet come out to denounce the degradation of their “Black sisters”.