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FBI Arrests Malcolm X’s Grandson as He Travels to Iran

Malcolm X grandson arrested
Malcolm X grandson Malcolm Lateef Shabazz

AFRICANGLOBE – Malcolm X’s grandson has reportedly been arrested by the FBI while traveling to a conference, his whereabouts are currently unknown.

The FBI has apparently arrested the grandson of  African-American leader, and former representative of the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X according to reports from Press TV.

Malcolm Lateef Shabazz is 29-years-old and was born in Paris to Malcolm X’s second daughter Qubilah. According to MEHR News Malcolm Shabazz was arrested while traveling to Tehran for the Hollywoodism International Conference. No reason was given for the arrest, and Shabazz’s current location is unknown.

The arrest coincides with Lifetimes airing of “Betty & Coretta” a dramatization of the relationship between Betty Shabazz, Malcolm’s grandmother, and Coretta Scott King the widow of the legendary civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. The film stars Mary J. Blige and Angela Bassett.

February 21st also marks the 48th anniversary of the 1965 assassination of Malcolm X in New York City. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated only three years later, both men were only 39-years-old when they were murdered.

In 1997 12-year-old Malcolm Lateef Shabazz plead guilty to charges of manslaughter and arson in connection to the death of his grandmother Betty Shabazz, with whom he had been living with following several disputes with his mother.

Malcolm Lateef Shabazz was diagnosed at the time as psychotic and schizophrenic by medical experts, a diagnosis Shabazz disputes.

He served 4-years in a juvenile detention center and was released in 2001.

In 2003 Malcolm Shabazz stated he set his grandmother’s apartment on fire because he was unhappy living with her, and wanted to be returned to his mother.“I set a fire in the hallway, and I didn’t think the whole thing through thoroughly, but she didn’t have to run through that fire.

There was another way out of the house from her room. I guess what she thought was I was stuck, and she had to run and get me because it was in front of my room as well. She ran through the fire. I did not picture that happening, that she would do that.” Malcolm Shabazz told the New York Times.

The 29-year-old is reportedly attending John Jay College of Criminal Justice as well as penning his memoirs.

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