“Ferguson Is Nowhere In Brazil But I Wish It Was!”

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"Ferguson Is Nowhere In Brazil But I Wish It Was!”
Brazil’s military police has long turned Black communities into killing fields

AFRICANGLOBE – In the United States, a young Black man is killed by the police and it creates a violent crisis in American society, affecting the Obama government itself. Everything burns!

In Brazil young Blacks are killed in bulk every day. According to the Mapa da Violência(Map of Violence) report, “every two hours, seven young Black men are murdered in the country.” The data are part of the research conducted by sociologist Julio Jacobo Weiselfisz, based on official data from the System of the Ministry of Health Mortality Information.

According to the survey, 82 young people are killed per day, 30,000 per year, all aged 15-29 years. Among the young people killed, 77% are Black, and 93.30% are male, residents of the suburbs and metropolitan areas of urban centers. – Mudamais.com

With this monstrous everyday context, practically nothing concrete happens on the level of the whole society to stop this dramatic scale of death of young Blacks and mestiços (persons of mixed race) in the country.

It looks like a sleepwalker society, or even extremely misguided, that even the human rights movements and others experience difficulties and have not increased strength and power of meshing a powerful collective awareness machine of Brazilian society. But many people are involved to reverse this sinister civil extermination picture.

The most dramatic and radical reactions, and often times solitary in their ghettos, that we’ve seen happen until now regarding this true extermination of our young people comes from slum communities in riots. As an example, the response actions that have already happened in several communities in Rio de Janeiro and its confrontations with the lethal interference of law enforcement agencies, military forces and the state government.

It’s very strange how all this happens in Brazil. Meanwhile this racist programmed machine murders our Black future. When one day, this giant wakes up in time, it may be too late and the devastating genocide of Black youth in Brazil could be completed.

Our salvation is this Black youth who are in the struggle at the moment! Because they know that their lives and future are hanging by a string in the country!


By: Negra Panther


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