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Three Fifths Of The Devil – The Gantt Report


Three Fifths Of A Devil - The Gantt Report
Black people should not support any politician who doesn’t support them.

AFRICANGLOBE – Many of my friends in America believe the best way to secure equal rights and justice is to pray, to march and to assimilate.

From my point of view, Black people are headed down the wrong road!

I have no problem with praying, but I don’t encourage any person of African descent to march to the state capitol, city to hall or to the county commission locked arm in arm with separatists, supremacists and closet racists year after year and incident after incident singing “We Shall Overcome”!

If you pray, as I do, pray for knowledge, pray for wisdom, pray for courage and pray for strength to fight modern-day Caesars and the wicked nationalists that hate and despise you!

Back in the day, African American individuals were considered to be three-fifths of a person or that they are three-fifths of a citizen of the U.S., the three-fifths clause (Article I, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution of 1787) in fact declared that for purposes of representation in Congress, enslaved Blacks in a state would be counted as three-fifths of the number of white inhabitants of that state.

You are still “three fifths of a man” today by most of your non-Black friends, coworkers, employers and classmates of ALL ethnic backgrounds.

In 2019, the next worse thing to being a slave is being an ex-slave!

In nearly every aspect of life, we put other people and other racial groups first and put each other last.

In too many minds, the white way is the right way. We don’t like African names, we don’t like African style, we don’t embrace African religions, we don’t enjoy dancing to African music and we don’t like the taste of African foods.

We believe that the white man’s ice is colder than the Black man’s ice, that the white newspaper is better than the Black newspaper and the IQ of the white scholar is higher and better than the Black scholar’s.

Don’t get mad if President Donald Trump disrespects Black people and Black contributions to the stability, prosperity and sanctity of the United States of America and in all other countries in the world.

Donald Trump grew up thinking Black people were inferior. In a ku Klux klan household headed up by a father who openly participated in ku Klux klan rallies, Trump didn’t start hating Barack Obama and other Blacks when he became President, he has had a demeaning attitude about Blacks since he was a child.

Your problem is that you think Trump’s behavior and governmental actions are coincidences rather than rules.

You say, “He’s not a bigot because he likes Kanye West!” or “He’s not a racist because he played golf with Tiger Woods!”

I say there are far more ethnic haters in far more houses than the White House!

Don’t get it twisted. I graduated from a predominately white high school, I’ve worked in many media companies where, at the time, I was the only Black employee and when suffered multiple house fires, most of the people that came to assist me physically and financially were white people.

Some of my very best friends and supporters are Caucasians.

I love my friends but I depend on myself.

We as a people must take a more Pan-Africanist view of our present situations and out future. We have to believe in our exploiters less and believe in ourselves more. We have to honor and celebrate the men and women that stand up and speak out for us and shun politicians, bloggers, internet sites and other entities that continue to express the beliefs that we are less than we truly are!

Freedom has to be fought for. Whatever amount of justice, peace and prosperity we feel we deserve must be created by us or taken from others.

The black sheep will never be loved accepted or taken care of by the white wolves!

We have to believe Black men and women are just as smart, just as strong and just as good as any other man or woman!

No Angel should want to be considered three fifths of a devil!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net

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