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Film Festival Screens Film On Baby Mama Crisis

Film Festival Screens Film On Baby Mama Crisis
The abortion crisis is even more alarming

AFRICANGLOBE – As of 2013, 72% of African American children are born to unwed mothers. That jarring statistic was the focus of an upcoming documentary on the baby mama crisis affecting the African American community which screened during the Black Women Film Festival in Atlanta this past weekend.

On Friday June 13, independent film buff’s gathered in the NASA Science Center at Spelman College for an afternoon of “films to inspire and uplift by and about Black women,” and while the documentary “72%” by Moguldom Studios isn’t exactly an uplifting glimpse into the lives of Black mothers, it did inspire festival attendees to delve further into this single motherhood epidemic and ask: how can we fix this?

Following the film’s screening Brande Victorian led a Q&A on just that, pointing out that as society (and celebrities) as a whole move toward this trend of first comes baby then comes marriage, it’s going to become increasingly harder to combat this issue, which she reckoned really comes down to women valuing the role of fathers in their lives and the lives of their children and men valuing themselves and seeing their role as vital as well.

Just how those values get handed down is the hard part, one attendee posited, noting that if nearly three-quarters of Black men and women are currently operating without any regard for how their instability affects their offspring, who’s actually left to teach those lessons we so desperately need?

The answer may come by way of a suggestion from one attendee which is to do a followup documentary that unlike “72%” which focuses mainly on the causation of this epidemic, centers on the effects: the children and their residual issues. The hope is that children who are the product of broken homes won’t continue to perpetuate the cycle, although we’ve seen time and time again that that’s often one of the biggest indicators that the cycle will continue.

Check out the trailer for “72%” which will be available on iTunes, VHX, and Google Play later this summer in the video below and weigh in. Were you aware the single mother epidemic had reached these proportions in the African American community?

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