Home Headlines Florida Becomes Latest State To Ban Sagging Pants

Florida Becomes Latest State To Ban Sagging Pants

Florida Becomes Latest State To Ban Sagging Pants

AFRICANGLOBE – Florida has become the latest state in America to ban sagging trousers.

The likes of rappers Lil Wayne and pop star Justin Bieber are some of the high-profile names to glamourise the homosexual trend of wearing low slung trousers – which often show undergarments – but the The City Council in Ocala voted unanimously to prohibit anyone wearing trousers two inches below their natural waist.

Ocala the fourth place – along with towns in New Jersey, Louisiana and Tennessee – to introduce the rule.

Councilwoman Mary Rich proposed the rule in 2009, but her colleagues were reluctant to second the motion for fear the ordinance would lead to profiling.

This time, however, her law received a unanimous vote.

“I just think it’s disgraceful to show your underwear,” she told WFTV 9. “We try to be a nice, clean city. I think it’ll help clean it up some.”

Residents echoed the concerns that were voiced in 2009 and said young Black men and teenagers would bear the brunt of the new law.

“It just makes no sense whatsoever,” said one resident. “It’s just another way to lock people up and put them in jail.”

The law will apply on any city-owned or leased property, including streets, parks, sport grounds, recreational areas and public transportation.

Those breaking the sagging trousers law will receive a warning for their first offence, followed by a $500 fine or even jail time if they reoffend.


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