Florida Sheriff Claims There Is ‘Absolutely No Evidence’ Man In Mug Shot Was Beaten

Florida Sheriff Claims There Is ‘Absolutely No Evidence’ Man In Mug Shot Was Beaten
Jamell Adamson

AFRICANGLOBE – After pictures of a bloody mug shot began to circulate, a Florida sheriff claimed that there was “absolutely no evidence” that the man in the picture had been beaten by a police officer.

According to the report filed by Martin County Deputy William Jaques, 31-year-old Jamell Adamson did not immediately pull over when Jaques tried to stop him for expired tags, and when Adamson did pull over, Jaques tried to grab him but was pushed away, at which point Adamson tried to flee.

According to the arrest report, Jaques warned Adamson to stop before he deployed his Taser to stop him, at which point Adamson fell, and the bloody injuries to his face occurred when he hit the ground.

“He made it clear he wasn’t going to surrender peacefully,” Sheriff William Snyder said on Monday. “So the deployment of that taser was 100% within our guidelines.”

But Adamson’s family members aren’t buying the story.

“We have eyewitnesses. He was beating and beating him,” Adamson’s sister, Lahareesha Mays, insisted.

Mays also pointed to evidence of blood splashed on the concrete rather than a nearby wall and added, “He has a big gash on the back of his head, too. How did he get that?”

The sheriff’s office is continuing to look into the matter and will be testing Jaques’ baton for blood.