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Foolish Americans – A Must Read Article


Stupid Americans
Some Americans believe that america is an exceptional country that was anointed to rule the world

AFRICANGLOBE – In America, the people are suffering from a sense of entitlement.

In every sector, there are groups of people who believe that they should receive something simply because they exist.

Stupid White men think that they should have privilege and be elevated above the masses simply because they are White. That thinking is borne of ignorance and inbreeding, because normal,  intelligent humans know that we are all deserving of respect and kindness and nothing more.

Silly American women imagine that they “deserve” a man who will give them everything on their contrived list, even though they have made no list of what they have to offer and often have little to offer because they are so focused on what they believe they “deserve.”

Many of those same ignorant American women believe that they can spit on, slap and otherwise mistreat men, while still enjoying some fake protection from retaliation simply because they are women.

The average ignorant American employee has been duped into thinking that without much education, preparation, hard work, or intrinsic contribution to a company’s bottom line, they should be given a “living wage” simply because they wish to live a comfortable life.

They are so emboldened with this fake debt owed to them that they rage loudly over a corporation’s massive profits as though the corporation has no entitlement to the profits it set out to garner by establishing the business.

Boneheaded service employees, particularly in the restaurant arena, imagine that each customer has an obligation to contribute to their take home earnings, because they have taken a job that pays below the wage required to be self-sustaining.

Instead of providing excellent service and hoping that the tip will be the reward, many of these ignoramuses dole out uneven service based on stereotypes and stupidity while still expecting to have their wages subsidized by the public.

Arrogant Americans travel to other countries and are shocked when they are mistreated in the same manner as citizens of that nation, because they have the unwarranted expectation that they will garner some rights and privileges as “American citizens” that many American citizens fail to garner in America.

Conversely, moronic Illegal Mexican immigrants organize and march to demand rights and privileges earned by American citizens, even though they have committed a crime to be in America illegally, jumping the citizenship line ahead of other immigrants, after having failed to force their own country to deliver those rights and privileges.

Many of those same criminal immigrants lie about taking jobs that “Blacks didn’t want,” when American Black citizens were on those jobs working before the criminals agreed to take the jobs below the legal minimum wage.

Embarrassingly idiotic Conservatives (typically selfish, greedy boneheads) imagine that they are entitled to tax breaks just because, while raging against the average taxpayer who needs government assistance from a government that extracts taxes from the people in order to serve the people.

Many Americans are unfortunately simple minded enough to live as though the world owes them, when in fact most of us should be delivering our fair share for those who are worse off than we are.

Otherwise, we should remember that life’s just not fair and you garner nothing but what you earn.


By; Darryl James

Please visit Mr. James’ website website or purchase his new book titled; The Whirlwind or The Storm, LA Riots Perspectives Also follow him on Twitter


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