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French Police Brutally Beats Black Woman Then Spray Tear Gas In Her Face

French Police Beat Black Woman Then Spray Tear Gas In Her Face
France’s savagery towards Africans continues unabated to this day

AFRICANGLOBE -French prosecutors have launched an investigation after a video showing a French police officer beating a Black woman with a baton and spraying tear gas directly into her face sparked outrage.

Interior Minister Manuel Valls said on Tuesday that prosecutors in the central city of Tours had ordered the IGPN police internal affairs branch to investigate after the video, called “Shame on the French police”, was posted on the Internet on Sunday.

“An investigation has been opened. The matter has been referred to the IGPN,” Valls said. “We need the whole truth and full transparency… The police must be irreproachable, the vast majority of police officers carry out difficult and remarkable work.”

The eight-minute video, which had been viewed over 600,000 times on YouTube as of Tuesday, was filmed from the upper storey of a building and shows two police officers savagely assaulting a Black woman in the street.

Filmed early Sunday in the Tours suburb of Joue-les-Tours, the video does not show the beginning of the altercation, which local newspaper La Nouvelle Republique said started when police stopped a car driving down the street around 7:00 am.

The newspaper quoted police officials as saying that the driver of the car was drunk and refused to submit to an alcohol test. It quoted police sources as saying a female passenger in the car intervened, repeatedly allegedly biting one the officers.

The video shows the officer wrestling with the woman on the street, then striking her several times in the body with his baton and once fully in the face. He then retrieves a bottle of tear gas from the boot of his police car and sprays it directly into her face.

The clearly enraged police officer then sprays another female passenger in the face with the tear gas, before several more police vehicles arrive in reinforcement. The video caused deep outrage, with more than 11,000 comments posted on YouTube.

“Bravo to the French police! As racist, violent and disrespectful as ever,” one viewer commented. “What a disgrace.”  But other comments noted that the video did not show the entire altercation, with some saying the police officer may have been justified in defending himself.

However, this is not the first time that French police officers are accuse of brutalizing French citizens of African descent, there have been numerous incident in which French police have been accused of assault on Africans.


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