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Funk Legend Sly Stone Living in a Van in L.A.

Sly Stone, one of the biggest names in music who fronted the mega group Sly and the Family Stone, is living in a van in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles.

Stone, whose hits include “Everyday People,” “Everybody is a Star,” and “I Want to Take You Higher,” said, “I just do not want to return to a fixed home, I cannot stand being in one place. I must keep moving,” he said.

A local family, who allows Stone to shower at their house, has reportedly been taking care of the singer. Their son has been helping him by serving as his assistant and driver.

Stone ran into money troubles in 2009 when he stopped receiving royalty checks from his manager, Jerry Goldstein, whom he has accused of fraud. He sued the Goldstein last year for $50 million.

Stone also unwisely sold his music’s publishing rights to Michael Jackson for a mere $1 million in 1984.

“My music is a format that will encourage you to have a song you won’t forget. That’s why I got so much money, that there are so many people around, and that’s why I am in court. Millions of dollars!” Stone said. “But now please tell everybody, please, to give me a job, play my music. I’m tired of all this s–t, man.”

The musical great also said that the FBI is after him and that he is on the run from his enemies, who, he says, have hired hit men

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