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The Future Of The Gantt Report

Future Of The Gantt Report
Lucius Gantt dedicated his life to informing and defending Black peoples around the word and for that we are eternally grateful

AFRICANGLOBE – Happy Holidays to all of the fans, readers and followers of The Gantt Report!

Even though The Gantt Report is merely one man’s opinion I take pride in writing a column that has been unadulterated and imitated but never duplicated!

I think it is time for some young columnists to take the torch, rise up and write the columns that the people need to and want to hear.

It’s not that older, more experienced writers like me are out of touch. We’re more out of energy.

My international business opportunities appear to be better than ever before and I expect to be traveling a whole lot more than usual.

No, I’m not going to say the “R” word (retire) but I will say I feel like I’ve earned the right to write some other things than columns before my candle has expired.

I want to write more poetry. I want to try my hand at stage plays and who knows, I may even be able to write a screen play for a future movie.

If there are young people reading this week’s column I want you to know that whatever media field you chose to enter, writing will be necessary and critical to your success.

Whatever I am, or more precisely, whatever people think I am, The Gantt Report helped make me this way!

One of my first Republican political clients, former Congressional candidate John LaCapra, suggested that I start a political publication. I asked, “What should I call it?”, and without hesitation he told me to call it The Gantt Report.

At that time journalists and politicians knew me but hardly anyone else had a clue who I was.

Twenty or thirty years later, people say they know “Lucius Gantt” in every county in Florida, in many states, in several foreign countries and on the majority of the world’s continents!

I encourage students, or non-students, that think they could stand the grind of writing newspaper columns every week for little or mostly no pay to contact me and if you convince me you’re serious, I’ll help you get started.

Can I help you? Ask my friend Andrea Giggetts. I helped her get in a few papers and now she is a regular writer on one of Florida’s major Black news web sites where thousands of people read her unique columns every week.

Don’t expect The Gantt Report on a weekly basis. It may show up weekly and it may not.

I may not write when you want me to but just like the media God, The Gantt Report will always show up right on time.

Whenever the senior citizens that read TGR call me it is impossible for me to say I won’t write. At the same time they know college administrators, radio show hosts, preachers and civil rights leaders sometimes hold on to jobs, positions and titles too long. But Lucius Gantt is not the one.

I’m going to try and publish my final Gantt Report book, “The Light Is The Truth” in 2015. It will be a collection of “greatest hits”, so to speak, and will include twenty or so new, unpublished columns that may be considered too hot for family newspapers.

I want to especially thank Florida’s and the world’s newspaper publishers and media owners for supporting TGR. I know at least one or twice a year some closet klansman or neo-nazi will ask you not to run my columns but you run it anyway and I love you and appreciate you for that.

My friend Alonzo Hardy, now publisher of Ocala Unite, was with me from The Gantt Report beginning and has promised to do some illustrations for TGR and my upcoming book in the last regular days.

Our community needs writers that will stand up and speak out issues of interest in our community and new writers will rise up as older columnists fade away.

I’ve been told I’ll be in London to coordinate a mega business deal the first week of 2015.

If I don’t see you or talk to you, after the holidays have a very happy prosperous new year! The Gantt Report loves you and loves his community!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net

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