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The Gantt Report – Political Black Coffee


The Gantt Report - Political Black Coffee
Neither Democrats nor Republicans have the interest of Black people at heart

AFRICANGLOBE – It’s springtime in 2015 and more than a few candidates have announced their intentions to seek public office in the 2016 elections.

Election activities are cranking up much earlier than usual.

How can I tell? I can tell by the smell!

Every election season so-called Negro leaders race each other to see who can be first. They want to be first to endorse, first to contribute and first to support any and every political candidate that offers them some Folgers, some Maxwell House or, if they are lucky, some Starbucks or some Blue Mountain coffee from the hills of Jamaica!

While the masses of Black voters and Black citizens are running for their lives from modern day overseers with badges that will hurl insults and negative epithets at unarmed and non-violent Black people right before they hit them, punch them, choke them taser them, shoot them or kill them, so call Negro leaders are running to the coffee pot!

Yes, it’s sad but all you have to do get the Black shepherds that are supposed to be looking out for their Black flock to run to a candidate and run away from Black community needs and wants is to offer them  some stale, flat coffee!

Just get the coffee pot boiling and invite the modern day Fiddlers, Chicken Georges and Jemimas to the White House, the Parliament House, to the Governor’s Mansion, to City Hall and to the County Commission and after one or two sips of java old Tom and Jezebel will go straight to the Black church or the Black press to tell you the political devil is a “good man”!

Now , women won’t do anything for any candidate unless women are hired on the campaign staff. Hispanics won’t lift a finger until Hispanic businesses and professionals get contracting opportunities. Jews won’t look a candidates way unless some Jewish person is put in a decision making position on the campaign staff.

But so called Negro leaders will sell us out, not for rice and peas, they sell us out for coffee beans!

I don’t blame the Negro leaders for participating in a practice that has gone on since the first Black people were allowed to vote. I blame you, the Black people, for letting Buckwheat and Kingfish continue to say they represent you.

At the time of this writing Hillary Clinton had not even officially announced her intentions to run for President but she has more Black supporters than all other potential Black candidates combined!

Yes, Hillary is a Democrat and I know how Black voters are told they should love Democrats. But Hillary Clinton is no Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton is not even a Bill Clinton!

But the so-called leaders that you love could care less. All they want is an invitation to the coffee reception and a front seat at the photo opportunity.

No matter what the fake leaders do, you should stop putting politicians first that put you last!

Save your support, your contributions and your votes for the political candidates that address your issues and concerns, hire and contract your people and those candidates that speak out strongly about equal rights and justice in America!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net


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