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The ‘Gay Mafia’ Taking Over America Again – Must Read


The ‘Gay Mafia’ Taking Over America Again - Must Read
Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert

AFRICANGLOBE – A while ago Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House of Representatives during the “W” Bush administration, was arrested by the FBI for fraud and money laundering charges. Hastert was third in line for the presidency, and a major force for the continual moralising of the right wing.

His real crime is serial rape of students when he was a secondary school coach and scout leader. His criminal charges are for hiding millions paid in blackmail to silence victims. ABC news published photos of teenagers he had taken on an “explorers” trip to the Bahamas. Lots of beds and underwear shots but nothing said as Dennis Hastert had become a very powerful man, powerful enough to pay enormous bribes but powerful enough to crush careers or worse, arrange arrests, mental hospital stays and prison.

Those rail-roaded into prison by Washington power brokers seldom live very long, often developing strange cancers like with my good friend Congressman Mark Siljander, oddly a long-time friend of Hastert.

Hastert is also powerful enough to arrange murders.

Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds had accused Hastert of espionage, money laundering and drug trafficking in Chicago. Edmonds had phoned in on a C-Span television segment, putting the charges, quickly pushed “under the table,” on the record.

Hastert has been “burned” by both Israeli and Turkish intelligence during GOP “sex junkets” to Israel. There, Hastert and other key congressional Republican leaders were photographed having sex with children in exchange for using their security clearances to give Israeli and Turkish intelligence full access to America’s most vital secrets.

In return, drug money laundered into election coffers guaranteed Hastert and his cohorts continual re-election and generous financial rewards after leaving office.

All they had to do in return was keep Israel stocked with cluster bombs, napalm and white phosphorous. Israel tends to use up its stocks rather quickly.

Hastert, along with John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston led the impeachment drive against President Clinton. They are also the voice of all that is moral and religious in Washington.

The ‘Gay Mafia’ Taking Over America Again - Must Read
Dennis Hastert

We know about Hastert. He was chosen as Speaker of the House because his predecessors, Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston, both Republicans, had to resign because of “non-gay” sex scandals. To the GOP, it was safer to promote a serial paedophile, like they do in Britain, than risk a womaniser.

There is little question about Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham recently retired from the US Air Force where, for decades, he had serial affairs with young male airmen. His command, in Charleston, South Carolina, was a centre for gay antics in the military just like George W Bush’s Air National Guard unit in Houston was during the Vietnam War. We might well be honest, “while George W Bush avoided serving in Vietnam” like John Kerry and Al Gore.

We could talk about Bush, his history and that of his brother “Jeb” at Andover, typical “boarding school antics.” With Bush, a simple mention of former Marine and gay escort Jeff Gluckert, who push placed on the White House press corps under the name “Jeff Gannon,” a “constant companion” and “regular” for White House sleep overs.

The issue is more than hypocrisy, the Christian Zionist right and the continual moralising.

The ‘Gay Mafia’ Taking Over America Again - Must Read
Hastert served as Speaker during the Bush Administration

When Bush brought scandal ridden Paul Wolfowitz over from the World Bank, many were relieved that at least one heterosexual was going to be working near the presidency.

The other “non-gay” Bush event was the three-way murder scandal between Vice President Dick Cheney, Congressman Gary Condit, who ran America’s scandal ridden nuclear “buy-back program” and Bureau of Prisons “intern” Chandra Levy, daughter of a Mossad agent who turned up dead.

Highest level sources have confirmed that Condit was blackmailed to “reroute” nuclear weapons purchased from former Soviet republics into the world arms markets. Exhaustive documentation exists on this and its aftermath.

Levy’s alleged killer, a simple street criminal, arrested after investigators were pressed to “move on” is up for retrial as authorities now admit that the investigation was interfered with from corridors of power.

During the AIPAC spy scandal, former member of the National Security Council, Gwyneth Todd, was subjected to regular dinners where prominent Bush insiders bragged about sexual encounters in public rest-rooms. These tales of debauchery were recorded along with admissions of espionage as well. The FBI agents running the investigation were put under gag order and transferred. The espionage continues.

Others stories, now well documented, go much further, Washington parties had transitioned.

Normally, during the 1970s, those invited to stay after hours at discreet VIP events in Washington would find themselves snorting cocaine off call girls.

Cocaine fuelled the Carter administration. All that changed with Reagan and Bush, changed back during Clinton and changed back with Bush again.

Why is this important? Were one to look at any US policy, be it backing for criminal groups like ISIS or the Kiev junta, the mobsters in Tel Aviv or the Saudi despots, no sense can be made of any of it unless massive endemic corruption is taken into account.

With billions stolen each week in Washington, money alone is hardly a motivation. Remember, these are the most powerful people on earth, it can’t simply be dirty sex or a need to cause suffering, though with some, McCain and Cheney come to mind, causing suffering might well be motive enough.

There is well certain much more behind this, that the orgies of abuse and decadence may well be a sacrament to the old gods.

The self-anointed geniuses and Washington elites would like that.


By: Gordon Duff 

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