What Gays, Biden and Obama Just Don’t Get About Gay Marriage!

Gay marriage
Marriage is between one man and one woman

All you need is Love; Love … Love is all you need! In the sixties it was a song of the times… flower power; peace and love were some of the favorite phases used back then… so I have read.

The liberal Baby Boomer generation thought they had it all figured out. They figured if we could just talk and love everyone. No constraints, no rules, no judgments, no wars, free love and sex of course then the world would be a better place.

They were wrong of course…

History has proven that expedition into a utopian social science of free love without restraint or regulation results in a dismal failure to say the least. That era which continued in to the seventies was one the most domestically tumultuous and unstable time in American history, the results of which are still being felt to this day.

True freedom and love understands the importance of restraint and that self-control its self is liberating. Counterfeit freedom and love believes it has a license of indulgence, and that self-control or restraint is bondage or even worse discriminatory.

So when Vice President Biden, LGBT activist, heterosexual liberal/progressives use the feel-good mantra of “love” in reference to gay marriage. They are in essence conjuring up the “spirit of that age” using the same failed 60’s model and attempting to turning it into public policy. This is what they desired to do forty-five years ago and failed.

The “love” mantra for instituting gay marriage as public policy has no precedent.

Gays should not be granted a “new” civil rights or have the State sanction their union just because they claim to ‘love’ love each other! That was not the reasoning behind the States’ decision to sanction heterosexual marriage!

It was because the leaders in America like every other nation before it understood the importance of a stable society. And the institution of marriage between one man and one woman who more often than not produce children is the beginning of that stabilization.  You cannot have strong governments or even a strong society for that matter without first having strong families.

Overwhelmingly statistics and social science has concluded that if you want to give a child the best chance to succeed, give that child a Mom and a Dad at home, who not only love them, but bring that sense of balance that every child needs.

Children need more than just love. They need stability, protection, guidance, correction and so much more…

I speak from experience; I grew up in a single parent home, the youngest of three. I remember most if not all of my childhood feeling lost, confused, and angry. Oh I had a lot of family around grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles; you know a diverse range… but no father!

My mother did the best she could no doubt she loved us. Working all the time and sometimes two jobs. But the void was still there, something was missing, and everything inside me knew it. And then like all diabolical cycles, I became a single father myself in my early twenties. I remember how lost I felt as a young single-father.

No child deserves to be birthed or adopted into chaos and confusion especially when it can be prevented.

President Obama’s decision to not defend DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), to repeal of Don’t ask Don’t tell and to institute a host of pro-gay policies and legislation. Concluding with his decision to affirm gay marriage has sealed his complete submission and subjection to the spirit of this age. And has fostered an atmosphere of confusion and redefinition as far as the traditional family is concerned and caused huge rift at core of this nation.

Let’s hope this is a wake-up that galvanizes African-Americans and social conservatives to get engaged pray and fight for soul of this nation. And to understand as I have been saying along with many others that this election is about so much more than just the economy.

I would encourage people to read this thesis in the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy called: What is Marriage?

By; Donald Thornton