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The Genocide Continues! Brazil’s Military Police Kill 15 Black Men In A Weekend


What happened was a real ethnic cleansing, genocide against Black youth, a problem that Black youth have faced for a long time and that has been fought by various movements. One of the demands of the movement is to ensure that the PL 4471/2012, is really voted on in Congress because it will ensure that the deaths of young Black men, for autos de resistência (resistance followed by death), will be investigated.

PL 4471/2012 provides that deaths and injuries caused by actions of state agents such as police, for example, have a research rite similar to that provided for in crimes committed by ordinary citizens.

The report sought the communication departments of the Bahia Government and Public Safety and the press office of the Military Police to speak on the deaths in Cosme de Farias and the operation in Sussuarana, but was unsuccessful.

“They Protected Us. We Fear The Police.”

Brazil: The Genocide Continues! Military Police Kill 15 Black Males In A Weekend
Family members of the victims accuse police of executing the men

Families were brought together by pain at the Quinta dos Lázaros Cemetery, starting at 2:30pm on Saturday (7), when six of the 12 victims of the police operation led by Rondesp in Cabula in the early hours of Friday they were buried. Dozens of friends, neighbors and relatives were present at the burial of Nathaniel’s burial of Natanael de Jesus Costa, 17, Vitor Nascimento, 20, Everson Pereira dos Santos, 26, Caíque Basto dos Santos, 16, Jeferson Rangel e Agenor Vitalino, 19.

Relatives of the victims said they were threatened by police in the neighborhood – that pointed weapons at the bus that they got off of at the final point of Engomadeira for the burial – and ensured that there were plainclothes police at the cemetery.

“They are putting fear (in us), confronting us with weapons. The boys protected us. We have fear of the police,” said a woman who has lived in the neighborhood for 59 years, requesting anonymity. “It’s an injustice. They have to pay. It’s all lies what they are saying,” cried one an aunt of Nathaniel who declined to be named, arguing that the confrontation alleged by the police didn’t happen.

“Everyone liked my son … He was innocent! Now I will raise the two brothers alone and work alone, because it was he who helped me,” lamented the seamstress Marina Lima de Oliveira, 56 years. Nathaniel’s grandmother, she raised him as a child along with his two brothers.

She said the boy helped with the delivery of the seams, maintained that he was a studious boy who dreamed of being a futebol player, even having a tryout in Spain to join the Barcelona team. A neighbor of Everson re-enforced the version defended with unanimity among those present at the cemetery that “there was no exchange of fire.”

“It was an execution. They surrendered and were killed defenseless. How was there an exchange of fire if the boys had signs of torture? Broken arms, sunken eyes and shot in the back?” he said.

“We only wanted the police to play its role. They are unprepared. Our community has working people,” cried an aunt of Vitor. In a statement, the MP said the case will be the subject of an investigation. “To date, there are no indications of irregularities committed by the military police,” said the MP, reaffirming that police were greeted by gunfire on site.

A day after 12 men died in Rondesp action, of the Military Police, in Cabula, two other people were killed and a third was injured on Friday night in clashes with the police of the Rondesp Atlântico, in the area of Barral, in the Cosme de Farias neighborhood in Salvador.

According to the Military Police, the officers of Rondesp made routine patrols on Wenceslas Galo street, when we were greeted by shots of Rafael de Oliveira Cerqueira, 19, Alexsandro Pinheiro dos Santos Lima, 20, and Denilson Campos dos Santos, 22.

“The police returned fire hitting the three elements that were helped to the HGE (Hospital Geral do Estado or General State Hospital),” the PM said in a statement. According to information from the Civil Police of HGE, where the case was filed, Rafael – shot in the chest, stomach and legs – was already lifeless on arrival at the unit, around 9pm Friday.

Denilson, who was shot in the chest, abdomen and lower limbs, underwent surgery but died on Saturday (7), at 9:15. Only Alexsandro was alive, but his state of health was considered serious. He was hit in the left arm, chest and stomach.

The Drugs Lie

According to police, the three are drug traffickers. With them, were found an amateur radio, 32 bags of cocaine, 21 sacks of marijuana, and three .38 handguns, one unmarked.

The weapons were sent to the Departamento de Homicídios e Proteção à Pessoa (DHPP or Homicide and Protection of Persons), investigating the case along with the MP internal affairs. According to the police report, all weapons had triggered shots. Yesterday, the police were reinforced in the vicinity of Farias Cosme. Four vehicles were stopped at the time at the height of Largo dos Paranhos, in the Brotas neighborhood- the 26th Independent Company of the Military Police (CIPM/Brotas) and the 58th CIPM (Vila Laura/Cosme de Farias) plus Rondesp units.

DHPP searches for witnesses of confrontation in Cabula

The director of the Homicide and Protection of Persons (DHPP), commissioner Jorge Figueiredo, who is investigating the deaths in Cabula, said he plans to complete the investigation of the case within 30 days, and this period may be extended.

“Starting Monday we will hear police officers involved in the support in the operation. We are also trying to locate people who witnessed the action,” he said. He said that some of the dead had a criminal record.

A total of 24 weapons were sent for examination: 9 used by police (machine guns and pistols) and the other 16 were seized on site (12 .38 caliber revolvers, a 40 point pistol a 45, and a shotgun).

Yesterday, the court placed in preventive custody Arão de Paula Santos, Elenilson Santana da Conceição and Luan Lucas Ferreira de Oliveira, who were arrested in the MP action.

Police Invade The Community 

Brazil: The Genocide Continues! Military Police Kill 15 Black Males In A Weekend
The region remains calm but tense with increased police presence

The day after the police operation in the Vila Moisés region in Cabula, which ended with 12 dead and four injured, including a military police sergeant, Dick Rocha de Jesus, the sun rose yesterday with re-enforced neighborhood policing.

Amid the heavy traffic of vehicles of operations Gêmeos, Apolo and Rondesp itself, businesses opened as normally and the population was the street. Only Barreiras highwa, close to where people were killed in an alleged shootout with police, vehicles of Operation Apolo, of the Military Police, went in a convoy – six vehicles together.

Later on, on Direta Engomadeira street, eight vehicles were still in place in the morning. From the outside, at least 20 heavily armed police kept watch on activity.

A Cabula resident and owner of a shop on Barreiras Highway in the vicinity of where the group was killed, a trader who declined to be named, said the mood in the region yesterday was quiet, compared to the previous day.

“Yesterday (Friday) I closed my store earlier, 12.30pm. The normal thing is to close at 6pm or 6:30. It was more a precaution, because people were very apprehensive, the climate was very tense. But today (yesterday) it’s better, I hope it continues that way.”

Another shop owner said he noticed a stronger police presence, more than what usually happens. “For now, it’s quiet, has quite a bit if policing. Yesterday (Friday), when I heard, I didn’t open the store,” said the owner of another property.

While expressing the mood of tranquility, she also preferred to speak anonymously. The same was said by a resident of the area, who took advantage of the opportunity to make purchases.

According to Major José Luís Santos, commander of the 48th Companhia Independente da Polícia Militar (Independent Company of the Military Police) (CIPM/Sussuarana), responsible for policing in the region, strengthening security will be indefinitely. “It started, actually, yesterday (Friday) evening. Today, it’s being strengthened as a result of some information we received, but it will continue indefinitely.”

The major did not say how many police are part of the reinforcement in the area, for strategic reasons. But there was reinforcing Shock Battalion outfits, Apolo and Gemini operations, Rondesp and 23rd CIPM/Tancredo Neves.

Another Victim Identified

The Instituto de Identificação Pedro Mello (Pedro Mello Institute of identification), of Department of Technical Police of Bahia (DPT), was able to identify the bodies of seven people who died in the police operation commanded by Rondesp in the early hours of Friday, in Cabula.

The action left 12 dead, all suspected members of a group that allegedly planned to blow up an ATM in the region. Yesterday, the seventh identified body was that of João Luiz Pereira Rodrigues, 21.

According to Major José Luís Santos, commander of the 48th Independent Company of the Military Police (CIPM/Sussuarana), at the location where the men were killed by the police, there was no information of new occurrences or of reprisals up until yesterday afternoon.


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