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The Genocide Continues! Brazil’s Military Police Kill 15 Black Men In A Weekend

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Brazil: The Genocide Continues! Military Police Kill 15 Black Males In A Weekend
The bodies of the murdered Black men in the Roberto Santos Hospital

AFRICANGLOBE – A popular hashtag and catchphrase from the the United States last year said that “Black Lives Matter” after a number of murders of Black males at the hands of police in that country. The phrase may as well be applied to Brazil but perhaps with the word “Do” on the front and a question mark at the end of the phrase. It’s shameful, sickening and saddening how often this news of police assassinations of Afro-Brazilian males comes out of Brazil. We’ve long called it genocide as has Amnesty International as there appears to be a clear agenda to decrease the Black male population with lethal force. How else can you explain the horrendous numbers of police murders that clearly has a preference for skin color?

In past articles, we’ve uncovered a right-wing ‘think tank’ that seemed to suggest extermination of the poor, and the existence of death squads in operation around the country (see here and here) and shocking numbers that show just how much more lethal Brazil’s police forces are in comparison with the United States. Absolutely speechless!

According to the man, who asked not to be named, the young men had surrendered and were unarmed when they were executed. Residents confirm execution.

A resident of the Cabula neighborhood, in Salvador, Bahia, refuted Bahia’s Military Police’s (MP) version of the murder of 12 young men in an alleged exchange of gunfire in the early hours of Friday, January 6th. According to the man, who asked not to be named, the boys had surrendered and were unarmed when they were executed. The information is from the Correio newspaper in Salvador.

The Ponte report confirmed the man’s version with two residents of the community. “It was a group of 24 boys, the police have came down shooting, got them, they were beaten and then took the police shots,” said Maílza, 19. “Many residents here didn’t like the police attitude, because they came out shooting at everybody,” said João, who has lived in the area for 10 years (names have been changed to protect the residents). “A member of the group betrayed them and handed them over in a police meeting,” he added.

In Cunha’s words, the objective of the proposal of heterophobia is “to restore the right of people to be normal.”

“Our contacts with social organizations and community reports show that there are indications that some of these deaths were made of people who had already rendered,” said Átila Roque, director of Amnesty International, which requested a thorough investigation into the killings and protection of the witnesses of the case from the Government of Bahia. The Reaja ou será mort@ (React or you will be killed), joint movements and communities of Black men and women of Bahia, also referred to the Department of Public Safety of Bahia, a meeting request with the participation of Amnesty International and  Justiça Global (Global Justice) until the Tuesday (February 10)

The Ponte report had access to three different videos of the bodies of the victims, made in the Roberto Santos Hospital, where they were taken. Three of them had bullet marks in the back, the other three had gunshot wounds in the chest, and one appears with a bandage around his entire head. In one of the videos you can see a uniformed police recording images of bodies with his cell phone. The images are very strong, and we chose not to publish them.

According to the Public Security Bureau of Bahia, the shooting happened around 4 am, on Barreiras road. The Rondesp (Special Rounds), of the MP, had allegedly received a complaint that a group planned to rob a bank in the region and nine police officers, divided into three vehicles, went to respond to the call. When they reached the place, the MPs found a vehicle and about six men near a branch of Caixa Econômica (1). When they directed themselves at the group, they fired at the agents and fled toward a thicket, where there were other members of the alleged gang hidden, making a total of about thirty people.

In the exchange of shots, in addition to the 12 dead, three other boys were wounded and a sergeant was allegedly grazed in the head. “It’s surreal a group of 30 men exchanging gunfire with 9 police and they only grazed a sergeant,” said another resident to the Ponte site.

At a news conference, the governor of Bahia, Rui Costa, said that at first there would be no removal of police, because there is no evidence of acting outside of the law in the case. On the actions of Rondesp, Costa said at a news conference that “every cop is like a shooter in front of the goal”. “When a police operation that ends with 12 dead is seen as normal, this demonstrates the failure of the public security system,” said Roque.

In the community the climate is tense. “Since yesterday (Friday) businesses are closing at 5pm, today we heard fireworks all day, and here when there’s fireworks, at some point there’s a shot,” said a resident to Ponte, who also asked that the identity be preserved. “There are desperate people here, it’s full of police in the community.”


By: Claudia Belfort


Three More Murdered By Military Police In Salvador. 15 Have Been Killed

A picture showing the men surrendering to police

Three more young people were murdered in Salvador in Bahian Military Police operations. This weekend, 15 young Black men were killed.

Three other young Black men were killed this weekend in Salvador, in Rondesp (Rounds Special) operations.

At dawn on Sunday, two days after Rondesp murdered 12 boys in Cabula, there was an exchange of fire in the Sussuarana neighborhood that resulted in the death of Bruno Ramos Mendes Santos. On Saturday, Rondesp killed two boys in Cosme Farias neighborhood. In three days, 15 young Black men were murdered.

The operation in Sussuarana began after a police officer was shot on Direta de Pituaçu street. The shooter was not identified. Afterward, Rondesp and Batalhão de Choque (Shock Battalion) vehicles entered the community after alleged suspects. That was when, according to residents, men in civilian clothes and with their heads covered with shirts shot Bruno and raided houses looking for someone. Later, about 2 kilometers (1.25 miles) away, on Rua São Cristóvão (street), police approached young Black men in a grotesque way, ordering that they strip naked so that they need not “have to do the work” of a frisk.

The official version of the Public Security Bureau is the same in all cases: young people were involved with drugs or some other crime, shot at police who returned fire in self-defense.


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