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George Zimmerman Fled Angry Mob In Miami


George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman

AFRICANGLOBE – George Zimmerman is finding that Floridians have long memories, and that they’re not so easy to forgive him for gunning down Trayvon Martin almost two years ago.

Earlier this week, Zimmerman taped several television interviews and then decided to soak up the sun afterward, but he soon found he was not received gladly by other beachgoers.

Upon arriving at a Miami beach, an angry crowd was quick to let Zimmerman, his girlfriend, and her brother know that they weren’t welcome. Some even mocked Zimmerman, and one even reminded him that a $10,000 bounty had been put on his head by a group allegedly associated with the Black Panthers.

TMZ reported that Zimmerman was freaked out by the angry mob and his group retreated to their hotel rooms, but some in the crowd decided to follow them. Hotel security then swept Zimmerman’s room and stood guard outside overnight. The next morning, Zimmerman did a CNN interview with Chris Cuomo, where they had this exchange:

CUOMO: When you’re somewhere and people recognize who you are, what do you do?


CUOMO: How often do they smile back?

ZIMMERMAN: Ninety-nine percent of the time. The one percent that don’t are the most vocal percent, definitely the most threatening percent, because they are very vocal about their displeasure.

Zimmerman has been increasing his media profile in recent months. In December, he began selling his paintings on eBay. Later it was found that his first painting, of an American flag, was copied from a stock image taken from Shutterstock without attribution. Zimmerman later tried to stage a “celebrity boxing tournament“, with proceeds going to charity. However, civil rights activists were enraged that Zimmerman a child killer believed himself to be “a celebrity” and that he would possibly fight a Black man (a rumored opponent was rapper DMX).

What does it say about Black people, when those who murder our children feel safe enough to roam about and sun bathe?


By: Cliff Weathers


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