Does George Zimmerman Just Hate Minorities? From Achmed To Trayvon

George Zimmerman
Zimmerman the man who killed Trayvon Martin

Much has been written about the lacerations on the back of George Zimmerman’s head and the reported broken nose.

Not enough has been written about his reported hateful taunting of a co-worker  of Middle Eastern ancestry. The co-worker reported the bullying to the authorities investigating Trayvon Martin’s killing.  This was part of the evidence disclosed by the State last week.

The co-worker said Zimmerman constantly harassed him by portraying him as“Achmed The Dead Terrorist”  a ghoulish puppet character created by a standup comedian.  The co-worker said whenever he said anything at the workplace, Zimmerman would taunt him by saying  “Noooo, I kill you..” or “I kill your family….” or “I bomb you..” in what Zimmerman imagined to be his attempt at a Middle Eastern accent. When the co-worker first complained to a manager he says he was told Zimmerman was “just playing with” him.

It was was no laughing matter to the co-worker, who is not identified by the authorities –for obvious reasons. He said he felt so tormented that he actually considered beating up Zimmerman — that he weighed the benefit against the cost before deciding against it. The incompetent managers obviously couldn’t even place themselves in the shoes of an employee of Middle Eastern ancestry to imagine how he must have felt to be referred to as a “terrorist” on a daily basis at the workplace.  The former co-worker said he was close to “snapping” as a result of the constant taunts and humiliations. At meetings, in the presence of other employees, whenever he said something Zimmerman would say “Noooo!” (as in “Nooo, I kill you!”).  The co-worker says he simply stopped talking. Clearly, other co-workers and managers at that work establishment will be able to help the state draw a fuller picture of Zimmerman when his case for the murder of Trayvon Martin goes to trial.

Zimmerman was later fired after making too many calls to Human Resources, complaining about the managers whom he claimed didn’t know how to do their job — he seemed to be a serial complainer, given his multiple calls also to Sanford Police complaining about “suspicious” Black males.

The co-worker also says Zimmerman would not have approached the “victim” if he was 250 pounds. This is not surprising — Zimmerman knew what he was doing when he approached Trayvon Martin: he could tell that he significantly outweighed the teenager.

This is the MO of most bullies –rarely do they pick on people their own size.

Zimmerman was good at deception, the former co-worker said. “He’s such a convincing guy,” the former co-worker said of Zimmerman — so much so that when he met with management to explain away his taunting of the co-worker, he sounded so credible that even the co-worker started doubting himself.

(Mind you this is the same man who, much later, went into hiding after killing Trayvon Martin then started raising money on his website by making appeals tailored to attract racist groups to contribute. Soon after his arrest, he appeared in court in a suit and tie, belying his earlier tilt towards the racists out there via his website).

Zimmerman’s behavior towards the co-worker, when combined with his apparent animus towards Black males — judging by the dozens of 911 calls he made to Sanford Police to complain about “suspicious” Black males in the neighborhood, including in one case, a boy aged between seven and nine– leaves a disturbing impression.

On the night of the fateful encounter with Trayvon Martin, he added one more phone call to the 46 he had made in the past to the Sanford Police. He was told not to follow Trayvon, whom he’d told the authorities was suspicious. But, he had just told the dispatcher that the “a-holes” always got away.

It would not happen that night.

Why would someone follow a “suspicious” Black man who could have been armed if indeed he was “suspicious”? What would embolden a person to follow the “suspicious” Black man? Zimmerman knew that he had a gun with him.

Zimmerman is the one who walked away alive from that evening’s encounter.