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George Zimmerman Mocked Trayvon Martin in Jail Calls


George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman pictured right

During a recent jailhouse phone call, self-appointed neighborhood watch captain and accused murderer George Zimmerman was reported to have mocked Trayvon Martin the Florida teen he is accused of stalking and murdering in February.

According to nationally syndicated talk show host Rob Redding, George Zimmerman referred to Trayvon Martin’s hoodie in the Spanish language phone call.

“You know that when I get out of here, I’ll come out with my hoodie,” Zimmerman said, according to Redding.

The telephone call was one of 145 calls released in evidence in the case. According to reports, the phone call was among calls presented as evidence that George Zimmerman’s defense attorney knew the defendant could afford a higher bond.

The revelation also comes as George Zimmerman’s own cousin indicated that he does not like Black people and that he repeatedly sexually molested her until she was sixteen-years-old.

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