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‘Goodbye Murderer’: Activists Hang Huge Anti-Obama Poster In Washington


AFRICANGLOBE – A huge picture of US President Barack Obama with the words “Goodbye to murderer” was hung on a bridge near the Pentagon in Washington, DC by activists who say Obama is responsible for the deaths of thousands in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Ukraine.

The placard was hung on Arlington Memorial Bridge in the US capital, according to a Twitter post by Leroy Barton, who says he is one of the “political activists” responsible for the action.

“By doing this we are saying goodbye to murderer Barack Obama, who is leaving the office soon. He is guilty of assassination of thousands of innocent lives in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine,” he wrote.

According to the activist, Obama started “numerous bloody wars” during his tenure.

“He doesn’t deserve to be a winner of the Nobel peace prize. His true prize awaits him in the Hague court docks,” he added. Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

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