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U.S. Is A ‘Graveyard Of Human Rights’ Says North Korea


North Korea Says U.S. Is A 'Graveyard Of Human Rights' Citing Ferguson
North Korea

AFRICANGLOBE – The shooting of Michael Brown at the hands of Officer Darren WIlson on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Mo. has shed an international spotlight on America’s treatment of its Black citizens in the eyes of the justice system. North Korea, one recent country that has spoken out against the grand jury’s decision not to indict the 28-year-old officer to stand trial, called the U.S. a “graveyard of human rights.”

“The US is indeed a country wantonly violating human rights where people are subject to discrimination and humiliation due to their race, and are in constant fear that they may get shot at any moment,” said a spokesman for the country’s foreign ministry. “It should not seek solutions to its problems in suppressing demonstrators, but bring to light the real picture of the American society, a graveyard of human rights, and have a correct understanding of what genuine human rights are like and how they should be guaranteed.”

Following the grand jury’s announcement Monday (Nov. 24), nationwide protests in cities like New York, Chicago, and back to the St. Louis suburb were launched throughout the night.

Specter of Ruin of Roman Empire Haunts U.S.: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 25 (KCNA) — U.S. President Obama making a speech at a university in Australia recently said it is the best time to live in history but there are so many threats to the present world order that those disputes have to be settled in a peaceful manner.

Secretary of Defense Hagel at a meeting of those concerned of the military in California said there is no guarantee that the U.S. military and technological advantages that became the basis of the international security order in the last century would automatically last in the 21st century, too.

This is a poor shriek of those facing ruin.

This is recognition of the dark reality in the U.S. as it is a reflection of extreme uneasiness and horror-phobia.

The U.S. is now thrown into confusion as its uni-polar domination system called world order is getting out of control.

Its military muscle and dollar’s position that have propped Washington’s moves for world domination are now sinking rapidly.

The DPRK’s access to nukes and its measures for bolstering them qualitatively and quantitatively have become a nightmare-like blow to the U.S. keen to carry out its strategy for world domination.

At a time when the U.S. was grappling with troubles in the Middle East, styling itself a world gendarme without any ground, many countries put spurs to increasing military capabilities to cope with possible aggression by the world’s “only superpower”.

Lots of aggression wars waged by the U.S. in different parts of the world led to huge military expenditure, plunging the U.S. already saddled with heavy debts into a bottomless financial and economic crisis.

The U.S. excessive issue of dollars for the settlement of the issues of huge military expenditure and financial deficit is resulting in the steady devaluation of the U.S. dollar.

This suicidal act and wide-ranging use of national and regional currencies in various countries and regions are shaking down to the roots the present international financial system with U.S. dollar as a main currency.

To top it all, the U.S. hegemonic moves have been snubbed even by its allies, to say nothing of the international community.

The U.S. is, therefore, driven to its wit’s end unable to handle Ukrainian crisis and other major international issues at will.

As a ruining house has often fights, the U.S. is locked in fierce bickering over such complicated issues as military budget.

The U.S. has now the hardest time in its history.

Yet, it has gone so foolish as to cover up its predicament through such talk as the “best time to live” and “peaceful settlement”. This reminds one of the old Roman empire that was buried in history after facing a ruin for coveting for prosperity through aggression and wars.

The poor fate of the U.S. reminiscent of the ruin of the Roman empire is a due outcome of its history of aggression and arbitrary practices.

Minju Joson Terms U.S. Worst Human Rights Abuser

Pyongyang, November 25 (KCNA) — It was reported that shortly ago the U.S. Department of Justice massively collected individual data on people using cell phones by using a plane equipped with special devices. This “spy plane”, which went operational in 2007, has conducted intelligence activities with airports of five large cities of the U.S. as bases, collecting individual data of tens of thousands of people through a single flight.

Commenting on this, Minju Joson Tuesday says:

It fully revealed how deplorable the U.S. view and concept of the value of human rights are.

Whenever an opportunity presents itself, the U.S. is talking a lot about “freedom” of individuals and “democracy”.

As already exposed through heinous human rights abuses by the U.S. National Security Agency called “Prism operation”, the U.S. is committing indiscriminate espionage, putting not only its mainland but the world into a huge watch network. Human rights of individuals and even heads of state of other countries are being ruthlessly abused by the U.S.

It is indisputable that the U.S. is the worst human rights abuser, an empire violating human rights and an “empire of evil” as it is perpetrating the above-said crimes in a bid to maintain its reactionary political system. Such being a hard reality, it is styling itself a “human rights judge,” lording it over the world, labeling other countries “human rights abusers” and using the inviolable human rights for attaining its goal of aggression. This is a mockery and insult to human rights and disgrace of mankind.

If justice is to live on in the international community, it should bring the U.S. to a court before anyone else.

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