Greater Israel: Netanyahu Seeks To Turn US Congress Against Obama

Israel – America’s Biggest Frenemy
Israel is one of three countries in the world where white supremacy goes unchecked

AFRICANGLOBE- British Prime Minister David Cameron faithfully follows the lead of US President, Barack Obama on virtually all foreign policy matters – just as Tony Blair did with then President Bush Jnr., that unfortunately ended in such devastating results. But now, the White House has been rendered all but impotent by a Republican-dominated Congress.

However, the current Congress follows the agenda of AIPAC – the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (a pretentious title for a political lobby group). AIPAC, in turn, is controlled and financed by pro-Israel supporters and they take their lead from the Likud policy agenda of Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu himself is a Political Zionist who seeks a ‘Greater Israel’ over all the land of former Palestine by the ethnic-cleansing of the largest indigenous people of the region, the Muslim Arabs, who have lived and farmed there continuously for 1000 years prior to being confined to the enclaves of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, in 1948, by a then unrepresentative United Nations Assembly.

To date, Netanyahu and his predecessors have induced over half a million Israeli citizens to settle illegally in the Occupied Territories, in violation of the Geneva Conventions and international law.

Is this what PM Cameron, President Obama and and their combined electorates of 370 million really want – to renounce democratic government so as to be dictated to by the prime minister of a state of just eight million that just happens to be a secret nuclear power outside of any inspection by IAEA but with an undeclared second strike capability that makes it militarily superior to any member of the European Union?

If this is difficult to believe, then watch Binyamin Netanyahu, in March, as he ‘struts and frets his hour upon the stage’ in an attempt to orchestrate world affairs to suit his own agenda whilst humiliating the elected President of the United States before an AIPAC-controlled Congress to which he (Netanyahu) has been invited to address without prior White House knowledge or approval.


By: Anthony Bellchambers