Home Headlines Greece: Nationalist Mobs Attack African Immigrants in Athens

Greece: Nationalist Mobs Attack African Immigrants in Athens

Government officials appealed for calm on Friday after three days of attacks and wholesale  looting by ultranationalist mobs against dark-skinned mostly African  foreigners in Athens, set off by an alleged  fatal mugging.

More than 100 persons mainly  African immigrants were attacked by rampaging youths on Thursday, an immigrant community spokesman said, and dozens of foreign-owned shops were attacked or looted.

Tens of thousands of illegal migrants from North  and Sub-SaharanAfrica have moved into depressed neighborhoods in the center of Athens, fueling a nationalist backlash. Nobody has been arrested for the attacks on the migrants that took place  on Tuesday and friday. The public order minister, Christos Papoutsis, said there was a “very high risk that these attacks are hate crimes” and promised action to address inner-city crime. African migrants are routinely attacked and robbed in Greece where most Greeks see them as unwelcomed foreigners.

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