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‘Take Guns Away From Blacks As They Are The Main Killers’ Says White Politician


'Take Guns Away From Blacks As They Are The Main Killers' Says American Politician
America is a racial democracy, where both Republicans and Democrats protect white supremacy

AFRICANGLOBE – Democrats were given a second chance to express their thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement during the first Democratic primary debate Tuesday night. While most of the candidates fared better than they have in previous encounters with the topic of racial justice, not everyone was happy with their affirmations of the movement.

Randy Pullen, a former chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, tweeted Tuesday night that “blacks” should not have guns because “they are the main killers,” as reported by Talking Points Memo. Pullen, who is also a former treasurer for the Republican National Committee, joined the many Republicans offering analysis and snark on Twitter during the debate.

In addition to his comments on Black Lives Matter and gun control, Pullen had some thoughts on the questions that debate moderators Anderson Cooper, Dana Bash and Juan Carlos Lopez were asking the candidates.

Pullen also compared the Democratic candidates to cartoon characters from the animated “Snow White” movie.  

This is not the first time Pullen has been in the spotlight. When Pullen was chair of Arizona’s Republican Party he found himself in hot water when he became involved in at least two significant campaign finance controversies.  


By: Abigail Abrams

White Power USA: The Rise Of The Right

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