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Haiti Election: Is The Haitian Private Sector Haiti’s Worst Enemy?


Haiti Election: Is The Haitian Private Sector Haiti's Worst Enemy?
Haiti’s business elites

AFRICANGLOBE – In an email that the director of Auto Plaza Reginald Boulos sent to Ms. Mills Cheryl, we could read that the rights of the Haitian was intentionally violated by the private sector under orders from then Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Everything is a matter of interests from our so-called friends. Somehow, we always end up with those who do not represent the ideal of the country who sent them, but the interests of rogue elements within that country.

These interests are never people centered, but only to fatten the bank accounts of a few. The fact is Reginald Boulos and the others positions themselves as the middlemen. Since they have the means, they can always fly to Washington and allege that they speak for all of us. Reginald Boulos and his cohort only speak for some of their rich friends and some of their neighbors.

Reginald Boulos can have a meal with his handlers to laugh at our pains and sufferings. Continuously getting rich from the misery of the Haitian nation is not the private sector’s birthright. Just remember Boulos; people give you their teeth, not their hearts.

In that email, we could read that President Préval had intended to cancel the elections of 28 November 2010. But the private sector under order from Secretary Hillary Clinton, executed by Reginald Boulos stood on the corps of the 300,000 Haitians who died during the earthquake to wave the flag of high treason. What have Haitians ever done to that woman to deserve her wrath?

The result is the nightmare we have living today. Haiti today is the result of people like Reginald Boulos who is not satisfied with the milk, but want to suck the blood of the milking cow and feast of the carcass.

In time, thanks to FOIA, more emails will surface. One thing is certain; we will not continue on the path that the aforementioned are imposing upon us. As friends since Savannah, Georgia, we disagree on the approach of some envoys. One member of your House of Representatives had to resign for sending questionable pictures from his cellphone. Yet, you find in Michel Martelly, an admitted crack cocaine user, a degenerate (as if you didn’t know anything about Sweet Micky) as the person to lead a nation of 10 million, despite the vote of the people.

How we party is not how we vote. Overturning the will of a nation is a crime against humanity. All these actors and primarily Reginald Boulos are responsible for everything that went wrong for the past five years.


Haiti And The Endless Revolution

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