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Hands Off Harriet Tubman!!


Hands Off Harriet Tubman!!
Harriet Tubman’s image has come under constant assault by both whites and their Black lackeys

AFRICANGLOBE – Alright Family let’s talk, because there seems to be some confusion concerning our beloved Warrior Ancestor Harriet Tubman. Last week on social media I noticed ,what I thought was the worst joke in world , talk about putting Harriet Tubman on the 20 dollar bill!?!?! Naw…. Was my immediate reaction because as I stated I thought it was a joke. But as I looked through MSNBC blogs and other Lame Stream Media blogs I noticed this was in fact a very real thing. Of course as I read the comments I saw Black and White people alike praising the move saying “she was a great woman” and “this was a great choice”. I also saw white supremacists and coons alike expressing their displeasure with predictable replies such as “who voted for that” and ” they should’ve picked Obama”.

After a few nasty replies I posted my feelings on this whole ordeal:

“I don’t know if anybody is paying attention but I don’t want Harriet Tubman on white people’s money especially the same money that was used to purchase her and her family members and many others who look like us. Besides trust me they will use this to say America isn’t as racist as Black people are saying even though we’re getting killed in the street by police. Just like the election of Barack Obama they are going to say we put a Black person on our money that doesn’t make us racist. ”

Later I doubled down saying:

“Am I the only one that finds it a bit sadistic that you would put Harriet Tubman on money that was used to purchase her freedom and the likes of all of her family and all of our family. Am I the only one that sees this as a diversion when Black men are being killed all over the country and the killers are being acquitted or never see trial , they will pump this as some great achievement for cornerstone for racism in this country. Harriet Tubman shouldn’t be cheapend by being put on the Devils currency!”.

Yeah Pretty Damn Much! Have y’all lost your damn mind!?!? Not only is this an insult but this just borders on blatant disrespect! You don’t believe me ask Abe Lincoln. They painted him brown, turned their back on him and made him worthless! Now he isn’t welcome in buses, vending machines or anywhere change is needed. Think about it. If this is a good idea then it should be okay for me to sale J.F.K. brand sniper rifles and scopes at the Walmart and I can say I’m helping bridge the gap in gun violence.

I understand Black people that it is mentally exhausting seeing your people demonized, vilified, murder all the time by every color and still under a system of white supremacy but draw the line somewhere! This woman freed herself from chattel slavery and in the ultimate love for her people went back into harm’s way to Free others when she was already free!!! That act alone means they don’t have a bill big enough to represent her meaning.

I was disgusted at Hollywood’s movie 12 years a slave when it would depict this man running away but never bringing anyone with him but I’m supposed to think he’s a hero. I tell you what the only way I will be cool with Harriet Tubman on money is if its a 5 trillion dollar bill and they give it to Blacks here in America for reparations or keep the 20 idea and give us reparations in all Harriet Tubman’s! I’ll blame Russell Simmons for this because he did that stupid Harriet Tubman skit offending our great ancestor it seemed to be open season on all of our great elders from the past.

But every morning I wake up and walk out my door I look at a picture of Harriet Tubman and realize I will never be a slave to white supremacy, I will not allow myself to be bought and sold, I will never leave my people behind and I will kill you if you try to stop me from obtaining my freedom! No dollar equals to these values! No dollar could represent her struggle its just merely an insult Harriet Tubman would want reparations not her face on a bill. And for the people who say I’m agreeing with Raven Symone ….HELL NO!!! A broken clock is right twice a day but I still don’t pay attention to it. Lee Daniels said that he likes Black writers writing for him but then he gave us Empire, Precious and let Danny Strong be the producer so that doesn’t make you pro Black just because you said something along those lines.

Harriet Tubman should not and does not belong on money to a country who didn’t even believe she was human and who she was more a prisoner in than citizen. Harriet Tubman was a victim of America and its currency system and to this day they still refuse to recognize the unpaid monies owed to the descendants Harriet Tubman and other Families victimized by slavery, Jim Crow and white supremacy and in the ultimate act of disrespect the offer to put Her on a 20$..!! So to all my conscious intelligent Black people remember one thing:

“Harriet Tubman Ain’t Take No Stuff, Wasn’t Scared Of NOTHING Either. Didn’t Come In This World To Be No Slave… And Didn’t Stay One Either”!!!


By: LeVar Smith


Hating Harriet Tubman – Russell Simmons Legacy – THEBLACKCHANNEL.NET

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